Transient Student Authorization

Under certain circumstances, it may be appropriate for students to complete coursework at another accredited college or university while still enrolled at Youngstown State University.   Current students who desire to take a course(s) from another institution must receive approval from the dean or the dean's designee for the college in which the student's major lies by submitting a "Transient Student Authorization" request.  The request requires students to list the course or courses they wish to take at the other institution to be certain the coursework is applicable to their degree.  If the form is completed after the course(s) is taken, applicability cannot be guaranteed; students are strongly encouraged to gain approval before completing coursework.

To receive credit for approved transient coursework, the student must:

  • Receive a grade of "C" or better
  • Attend Youngstown State University the semester following the completion of the transient term
  • Submit an official transcript from the other institution to the YSU Office of Admissions.


Office: Advisement Office (in which your major lies)
Location: Academic College (in which your major lies)