Bachelor of Science in Applied Science in Public Health 4+1 MPH Track

Program Director

Lauren Iagulli
(330) 941-4680


Public Health

The public health program offers the Bachelor of Science in Applied Science (BSAS) degree that can be completed in eight semesters if students average 16 hours per semester. Students may choose one of the following emphasis areas:

  • Public Health Generalist
  • Health Education and Promotion
  • Environmental Health and Safety

Students who opt to participate in the 4+1 track may go on to complete their MPH in 1 year following the completion of their BSAS in Public Health. Students applying for the MPH program must have a minimum GPA of 2.75.

The curriculum for the YSU bachelor’s degree in public health addresses each of the five core areas in public health.

  • Epidemiology
  • Biostatistics
  • Health Services Administration
  • Environmental Health
  • Behavioral Science/Health Education 

This curriculum enables mastery at the bachelor’s level of the nationally recognized Public Health Core Competencies, and requires an internship tailored to the area of public health interests of each student.  All of the major courses can be completed through online distance learning options.

The BSAS in public health can also prepare the student to become a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) or be eligible to take the sanitarian examination. CHES:

  • Assess individual and community health needs
  • Plan and implement effective health education and health promotion programs
  • Coordinate and manage the provision of health education and promotion services
  • Effectively communicate health and health education needs, concerns, and resources
  • Conduct program evaluation

During the freshman and sophomore years, students are expected to take the courses that meet the requirements for general education. In addition to the English, mathematics, and communication requirement, specific general education courses for the BSAS public health degree include:

YSU 1500Success Seminar1-2
or SS 1500 Strong Start Success Seminar
or HONR 1500 Intro to Honors
General Education Requirements
ENGL 1550Writing 13-4
or ENGL 1549 Writing 1 with Support
ENGL 1551Writing 23
CMST 1545Communication Foundations3
Mathmatics requirement (one of the following):
MATH 2623Quantitative Reasoning3-6
or MATH 2623C Quantitative Reasoning with Co-Requisite Support
or STAT 2601 Introductory Statistics
or STAT 2625 Statistical Literacy and Critical Reasoning
or STAT 2625C Statistical Literacy and Critical Reasoning with Co-Requisite Support
Natural Science (7 s.h.) (2 courses, 1 with lab)7
Arts and Humanities (6 s.h.) (2 courses)6
Social Science Electives (6 s.h.)
PHLT 1531Fundamentals of Public Health Required for major3
Social Science Elective3
Social & Personal Awareness (6 s.h.)
PHLT 1568Healthy Lifestyles Required for major3
PHLT 1513Introduction to Environmental Health and Safety Required for major3
Required Courses (41 s.h.)
PHLT 1550Public Health Advocacy and Policy2
PHLT 3702Health Education Theory and Methods3
PHLT 4826Community Health Planning and Promotion4
PHLT 4827Evaluation of Health Promotion Programs3
AHLT 3708Preventive Public Health Care3
AHLT 4806Research Methods3
AHLT 4810Management Skills for Health Professionals3
PHLT 4891Public Health Internship8
PHLT 4899Public Health Senior Seminar3
AHLT 5807Epidemiology3
MPH 6901Public Health Concepts Counts toward graduate credit3
MPH 6904Biostatistics in Public Health Counts toward graduate credit3
Choose one of the PHLT Empasis Areas (15 s.h.)15
Health Education and Promotion
Ethical Issues in Public Health
Human Sexuality
Community Health
Multicultural Health
Crisis Management in Public Health
Enviromental Health
Elements of Urban Environmental Health Practices
Community Health
Environmental Health Concerns
Agents of Mass Casualty
Crisis Management in Public Health
Any Comination of courses from the Health Education and Promotion/Environmental concentrations above totaling 15 hours
PHLT Upper Division Electives (6 s.h.)6
Below are the courses that can be counted towards your upper division PHLT electives. Courses taken as part of your emphasis area do not count toward your PHLT upper division elective semester hours
Elements of Urban Environmental Health Practices
Topics in Public Health
Drug Use and Abuse
Health and Disease
Grant Writing
Multicultural Health
Agents of Mass Casualty
Pathology of Infectious Diseases
Environmental Health Concerns
Crisis Management in Public Health
Environmental Regulations
Industrial Hygiene
The above 5800 level courses may count toward both undergraduate and graduate credit in addition to MPH 6901 and 6904. A maximum of 9 credit hours may double count for both undergraduate and graduate credit.
Additional Electives or Minor Coursework (20 s.h.)20
Total Semester Hours120-125

 A minimum of 120 semester hours are required for the BSAS in Public Health. No minor is required for this professional BSAS degree.

Plan of Study Grid
Year 1
YSU 1500
Success Seminar
or Strong Start Success Seminar
or Intro to Honors
ENGL 1550
Writing 1
or Writing 1 with Support
CMST 1545 Communication Foundations 3
PHLT 1531 Fundamentals of Public Health 3
PHLT 1550 Public Health Advocacy and Policy 2
PHLT 1568 Healthy Lifestyles 3
 Semester Hours15-17
MATH 2623
Quantitative Reasoning
or Quantitative Reasoning with Co-Requisite Support
or Introductory Statistics
or Statistical Literacy and Critical Reasoning
or Statistical Literacy and Critical Reasoning with Co-Requisite Support
ENGL 1551 Writing 2 3
PHLT 3702 Health Education Theory and Methods 3
Natural Science Gen Ed 3
Arts and Humanities Gen Ed 3
 Semester Hours15-18
Year 2
PHLT 1513 Introduction to Environmental Health and Safety 3
PHLT 4826 Community Health Planning and Promotion 4
AHLT 4806 Research Methods 3
Social Science Gen Ed 3
Natural Science + Lab Gen Ed 4
 Semester Hours17
PHLT 4827 Evaluation of Health Promotion Programs 3
AHLT 3708 Preventive Public Health Care 3
PHLT Upper Division Elective 3
Arts and Humanities Gen Ed 3
Elective or Minor 3
 Semester Hours15
Year 3
AHLT 5807 Epidemiology 3
PHLT Emphasis Area Course 3
Elective or Minor 3
Elective or Minor 3
Elective or Minor 3
 Semester Hours15
PHLT Emphasis Area Course 3
PHLT Emphasis Area Course 3
PHLT Emphasis Area Course 3
Elective or Minor 3
Elective or Minor 3
 Semester Hours15
Year 4
AHLT 4810 Management Skills for Health Professionals 3
PHLT Emphasis Area Course 3
MPH 6901 Public Health Concepts 3
MPH 6904 Biostatistics in Public Health 3
 Semester Hours12
PHLT 4891 Public Health Internship 8
PHLT 4899 Public Health Senior Seminar 3
PHLT Emphasis Area Course 3
Elective or Minor 2
 Semester Hours16
 Total Semester Hours120-125
  • While completing the BSAS in Public Health, students must earn a grade of "C" or better in all required PHLT and AHLT courses. 
  • Courses taken under the Credit (CR)/No Credit (NC) option may not be counted toward to major.

Learning Outcomes

The student learning outcomes for public health are as follows:

  •  At the conclusion of the BSAS in Public Health program students will demonstrate competency in the following domains:
    • Data Analytics and Assessment Skills
    • Policy Development and Program Planning Skills
    • Communication Skills
    • Health Equity Skills
    • Community Partnership Skills
    • Public Health Science Skills
    • Management and Finance Skills
    • Leadership and Systems Thinking Skills