Minor in Judaic Studies

Jewish history stretches back over three-thousand years and spans the globe. Students minoring in Jewish studies explore fundamental aspects of Jewish history, religion, culture, politics, and thought, through the study of Jewish societies in their profound variety. We simultaneously use a focus on Jewish experiences to reflect broadly upon the societies in which Jews have lived (including our own). The study of Jewishness thus functions as a key to forming deeper insights into world, national, and local history and culture. Our program also offers a focus on the history and meaning of the Holocaust, the study of which helps students think critically about modernity, politics, and morality.

Study-abroad trips to various locations around the world may be taken for credit, based upon availability and the approval of the Director of the Center for Judaic and Holocaust Studies. Hebrew language may be taken for minor credit as well.

The Center for Judaic and Holocaust Studies organizes a robust selection of extra-curricular programs. These events supplement classroom instruction and offer opportunities for active participation and student leadership.

For more information, visit the Center for Judaic and Holocaust Studies at Youngstown State University.

No students will be accepted to this program at this time.

Required Course (9 semester hours)
HIST 2600Introduction to Jewish Studies3
HIST 3788The Holocaust3
HIST 3789Jewish History3
Electives (Complete 6 semester hours)
HIST 3798Middle East 2: The Modern Period3
HIST 3799Lessons of the Holocaust from the US Holocaust Memorial Museum3
HBRW 2600Intermediate Hebrew (Requires HBRW 1550 for which minor credit is not offered. Students who enter with knowledge of Hebrew may test into HBRW 2600.)4
JUDC 4851Jewish Studies Internship3
JUDC/HIST 4861Select Topics in Jewish History3
JUDC 4871Directed Readings in Jewish Studies (Individualized study)1-3
POL 3765Israeli Politics3
REL 2611Judaism Christianity and Islam3
REL 3731Hebrew Scriptures3
REL 37503
Study-abroad trips may be counted towards the minor with the approval of the Director of the Center for Judaic and Holocaust Studies
Students may consult with the Director of the Center for Judaic and Holocaust Studies to have additional courses counted towards the minor.
Total Semester Hours: 15 (minimum)