The music minor provides opportunities to develop musical knowledge and skills at a basic collegiate level. Evolving economic, demographic, and technological conditions provide increased incentive for creativity and leadership in society. Students electing applied study and/or ensembles should contact Shannon Holdridge at for audition information.

Lower-Division Courses
MUTC 1531NMusic Theory 1 Intensive2-3
or MUTC 1531 Music Theory 1
Students may take MUTC 1531 instead of MUTC 1531N with permission of the instructor
MUTC 1541Aural Theory 12
Select 8 s.h. from the following:8
Any Dana School of Music Ensemble (may be repeated for up to 6 s.h.)
MUAC 1500 Minor Applied Study (may be taken twice)
MUAC 2600 Minor Applied Study (may be taken twice)
Computer Applications in Music Education
Survey of Jazz
Film Music
Rock n' Roll to Rock
Music of Non-Western Societies
Music Literature and Appreciation
Popular Music in America
Music Theory 2
Music Theory 2 Intensive
Music Theory 3
Music Theory 4
Upper-Division Courses
Select 6 s.h. from the following:6
Music in Early Childhood
Music History and Literature 1
Music History and Literature 2
Music History and Literature 3
Music History and Literature 4
MUTC 3700 Music Theory Elective
MUTC 5800 Music Theory Elective
MUHL 5800 Music History Elective
Total Semester Hours18-19