Bachelor of Arts in Political Science


A major in political science comprises 33 political science semester hours with the requirement that the student complete:

  • a minimum of two courses in American Government
  • a minimum of two courses from Comparative Government and International Relations
  • one Political Thought course
  • a capstone course

This degree may be earned in eight semesters if students enroll in 16 hours per semester.

YSU 1500Success Seminar1-2
or SS 1500 Strong Start Success Seminar
or HONR 1500 Intro to Honors
General Education Requirements
ENGL 1550Writing 13-4
or ENGL 1549 Writing 1 with Support
ENGL 1551Writing 23
CMST 1545Communication Foundations3
Mathematics Requirement3
Arts and Humanities (6 s.h.)6
Natural Sciences (2 courses, 1 with lab) (6-7 s.h.)7
Social Science (6 s.h.)
3 s.h. are fulfilled with POL 1560 (required for the major)
Social Science elective3
Social and Personal Awareness (6 s.h.)6
Foreign Language Requirement
FNLG 1550Elementary Foreign Language (or FNLG 1505)4
FNLG 2600Intermediate Foreign Language (or FNLG 1506)4
Major Requirements
POL 1560American Government3
Optional Class
Introduction to Political Science (Social Science/Social and Personal Awareness)
American Government
Select one of the following:3
American Presidency
American Legislative Process
Law and Society
POL 3703
American Political Parties and Elections
Moot Court 1
African-American Politics
Political Behavior
American Public Opinion
Health Care Policy
American Public Policy and Policy Analysis
Public Management
POL 3721
State and Local Government
Public Budgeting
Individualized Study
Aging and Social Policy
POL 4805
Sustainability, Climate Change, and Society
Select Problems, American Government
POL 5830
Political Thought
Select one of the following:3
Political Thought 1
Political Thought 2
Political Thought 3
Select Problems, Political Thought
Contemporary and International
Select two of the following:6
Contemporary World Governments (Social Science/Social and Personal Awareness)
International Relations
Model United Nations
Russia and China: From Revolution to Reform
Political Development and Political Regimes
European Politics
Latin American Politics
International Political Economy
United States Foreign Policy
International Law
International Organizations
Asian Politics
International Conflict
Select Problems of Global Affairs
POL 5865
Capstone Course
POL 4801Senior Research Seminar3
Additional Required Hours
Select a minimum of 15 s.h. (total 33 s.h. in Political Science).15
Electives 26-29 s.h.26
Minor Requirements18
Total Semester Hours120-122
Plan of Study Grid
Year 1
POL 1560 American Government 3
LASS 1510 3
ENGL 1550
Writing 1
or Writing 1 with Support
MATH 2623 Quantitative Reasoning 3
FNLG 1550 Elementary Foreign Language 4
 Semester Hours16-17
POL 2640 Contemporary World Governments 3
POL 2660 International Relations 3
ENGL 1551 Writing 2 3
CMST 1545 Communication Foundations 3
FNLG 2600 Intermediate Foreign Language 4
 Semester Hours16
Year 2
POL 37XX Domestic Politics 3
POL 37XX Dom. or Intl. 3
Minor 15XX/26XX 3
Natural Sience 15XX/26XX 3
Social Science 15XX/26XX 3
 Semester Hours15
POL 37XX Dom. or Intl 3
POL 37XX Dom. or Intl 3
Minor 15XX/26XX 3
Natural Science + Lab 15XX/2600 4
Social and Personal Awareness 15XX/26XX 3
 Semester Hours16
Year 3
POL 3785
Political Thought 1
or Political Thought 2
or Political Thought 3
POL 37XX Dom. or Intl 3
Minor 37XX 3
Minor 37XX 3
Arts and Humanities 15XX/26XX 3
 Semester Hours15
POL 37XX Dom or Intl 3
POL 37XX Dom on Intl 3
Minor 37XX 3
Minor 37XX 3
Arts and Humanities 15XX/26XX 3
 Semester Hours15
Year 4
POL 37XX 3
Minor 37XX 3
Elective 3
Elective 3
Elective 3
 Semester Hours15
POL 4801 Senior Research Seminar 3
Minor 37XX 3
Elective 3
Elective 3
 Semester Hours12
 Total Semester Hours120-121

Learning Outcomes

The department's learning outcomes for political science majors are as follows:

  •  Students will be able to summarize fundamental components of knowledge that have developed in relation to areas of political theory, American government, comparative politics, and international relations.
  •  Students will recognize and explain the fundamental ideas and constitutional principles that have shaped the American Republic, as well as the institutions and behaviors that provide the setting and substance of American politics.
  •  Students will recognize and explain the basic ideas, problems and processes of comparative politics and international relations relative to issues of Western and non-Western political development, different forms of national government, and foreign policy behaviors relative to a global economy.
  •  Students will use and apply the Style Manual of the American Political Science Association (APSA) in conjunction with their research and writing skills associated with the creation of credible political science projects.