Minor in English Studies

ENGL 3700Literary Study3
Select one of the following literature survey courses:3
British Literature 1
British Literature 2
American Literature 1
American Literature 2
Select one upper divison American Literature OR upper division British Literature from the following:3
American Literature Courses
American Literature in Historical Perspective
American Genres
Themes in American Literature
American Literary Conversations
The Black Experience in American Literature
British Literature Courses
Major Figures in British Literature
British Genres, Circles, and Movements
The Medieval World
Shakespeare and His World
The English Renaissance
Restoration and Eighteenth Century British Literature
The Romantic Period
Nineteenth Century British Literature Studies
Early Twentieth Century British Studies
British Literature from World War II to the Present
Select one other literature course from the following:3
World Literature
Women in Literature
American Literature and Diversity
African Literature
Mythology in Literature
Introduction to Film Study
Literature for Young Children
Literature for Middle School Readers
Young Adult Literature
Selected Topics in World Literature
Film Genres
Selected Topics in Film
Select two additional English Studies courses – one course from any two of the following groups:6
Group 1: Language, Writing, and Culture
Introduction to Language
Principles of Linguistic Study
Nonfiction Narrative Writing
Selected Topics in Multicultural Studies
Group 2: Journalism
JOUR 2622
JOUR 2626
Magazine Publishing
Editorial and Opinion Writing
Advanced Journalism Editing and Design
Communication Law
Group 3: Creating Writing
Introduction to Fiction Writing
Introduction to Poetry Writing
Fiction Writing Workshop
Poetry Writing Workshop
Group 4: Technical and Professional Communication
Introduction to Public, Professional and Technical Writing
Writing with Data
Total Semester Hours18