Minor in Sociology

YSU Sociology Program Mission

The YSU Sociology Program aims to equip students with sociological knowledge and skills they can use to think critically about and engage with social issues. In doing so, students will be prepared to appreciate social and intellectual diversity as well as meet new national and international challenges. 

YSU Sociology Program Vision

To be an emancipatory social science that seeks to generate scientific knowledge relevant to the collective project of understanding and challenging various forms of human oppression.

Required Courses
SOC 1500Introduction to Sociology3
Select one of the following:3
The Family
Complex Organizations
Social Movements
Sociology of Health, Illness, and Healthcare
Select one of the following:3
Gender in Society
Minority Groups
Social Stratification and Inequality
SOC 3798O
SOC 3798X
Select one of the following:3
Social Problems
Urban Sociology
Juvenile Delinquency
Social Deviance
Select one of the following:3
Aging and Society
Theories of Gerontology
SOC 3756
Aging and Social Policy
Sociology of Dementia
Select one of the following:3
Applied Sociology
Internship in Sociology
Total Semester Hours18