Community Standards and Student Conduct

Students at YSU have an obligation to conduct themselves in a manner that is compatible with the university’s purpose as an institution of higher education.  The policies and regulations in The Student Code of Conduct have been established to ensure a positive educational experience for every student.  Therefore, all students should take time to familiarize themselves with The Student Code of Conduct, residence hall policies, university lease agreements, student organization policies, and other related policies to ensure they are aware of both the expectations of them and the rights afforded to them as a member of the university community.

Students believed to be in violation of The Student Code of Conduct or other university policies will be referred to the Office of Community Standards & Student Conduct for a conduct conference and possible hearing. The student conduct process at YSU adheres to procedural due process and is intended to be part of the larger university educational process.  Students found responsible for violations may be issued educational sanctions, fines, status changes, and restriction of privileges.  In cases of repeated and/or egregious violations, suspension or expulsion may occur.  

If a member of the university community needs to report a potential violation of The Student Code of Conduct, they may contact a staff member from Office of Community Standards & Student Conduct, Office of the Dean of Students, the Office of Housing & Residence Life, Division of Student Affairs, Youngstown State University Police Department , or they may submit a report online via the YSU Incident Reporting Form.  Additionally, the YSUPD website has a YSU Confidential Tip form that can be used to provide anonymity to the reporting person.

More information can be found on the Community Standards and Student Conduct website.  


Office: Office of Community Standards & Student Conduct
Location: Cushwa Hall Room 3325