Minor in Nutrition and Health

This minor is intended for non-dietetics majors to gain insight into their personal nutrition and health outcomes by providing an orientation to food, nutrition, and health. Any interested student may select the minor however, this minor would be most appropriate for students majoring in life science or allied health disciplines. The courses in the Nutrition minor require a science foundation (human anatomy and chemistry) so course prerequisites must be examined before selecting the minor.  This minor does not prepare students for prescribing diets for others which is a violation of dietetics licensure law.

FNUT 1551Normal Nutrition3
FNUT 1553Food Science and Management Principles3
FNUT 2652LNutrition Assessment Laboratory1
FNUT 3735Nutritional Biochemistry (or Class approved as Substitute)2
Select one of the following course options3
Science of Nutrition in Exercise
Medical Nutrition Therapy 2
Food and Culture
and Food and Cultures Laboratory (Take lecture and lab together for 3 s.h.)
Total Semester Hours12