Program Director

Dr. Kelly L. Colwell 
(330) 941-2631

This online program is designed to provide a focused advancement option that will bridge the depth and breadth of knowledge of the certified or registered respiratory therapist who has graduated from a Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (CoARC) accredited associate degree program to meet the clinical and leadership needs of the respiratory care profession. The core curriculum builds on the existing foundation of knowledge and skills in the areas of:

  • advanced cardiopulmonary disease management
  • advanced clinical applications
  • clinical research
  • leadership and technology related to the practice of respiratory care

Upon completion of the Required Core Upper Division Courses with a minimum GPA of 2.5, the student will be awarded up to 17 semester hours of upper division credit from their associate degree respiratory care courses.

The curriculum assumes that a student entering into the Respiratory Care Completion Program has an unencumbered license.
The following block credit will be granted and posted on the student's transcripts after admission to the program15
ELCT 15XX Social Science
ELCT 15XX Social Science or Social and Personal Awareness
ELCT 15XX Social and Personal Awareness
ELCT 15XX Arts & Humanities
ELCT 15XX Natural Science
General Education Requirements (to be completed for BS degree)
STAT 2625Statistical Literacy and Critical Reasoning4
CMST 1545Communication Foundations3
Writing 2 1
PHIL 2625Introduction to Professional Ethics3
CHEM 1510Chemistry for the Allied Health Sciences4
PSYC 3758Lifespan Development3
CHEM 1520Allied Health Chemistry for Online Programs (Chem 1520 or equivilant (3SH))3
Associate Degree Respiratory Care Courses -Transfer Credit 245
Required Core Upper Division Courses (36 s.h.)
RESC 1500Introduction to Online Learning in Health Professions3
RESC 3731Respiratory Care Management3
RESC 3765Advanced Respiratory Care Diagnostics3
RESC 48603
RESC 48623
RESC 4867Fundamentals of Leader Development3
RESC 4870Advanced Cardiopulmonary Case Management3
RESC 48723
AHLT 3705Pharmacotherapeutics3
AHLT 4806Research Methods3
AHLT 4820Directed Research3
AHLT 5840Comparative Health Systems3
Electives (if Additional Upper Division Hours Are Needed)
RESC 4801Special Topics in Respiratory Care1-3
RESC 48103
AHLT 3740Pathology of Infectious Diseases3
AHLT 3755Principles of Occupational Health and Safety3
AHLT 4804Stress and the Health Care Professional3
AHLT 4808Environmental Health Concerns3
AHLT 5831Industrial Hygiene3
AHLT 5816Environmental Regulations3
Upper Division (3700, 4800, 5800 level) Hours Required 39 s.h.
Total Semester Hours138-140

1.Certain general education courses, such as ENGL 1551, have prerequisites.  Normal prerequisite rules apply for students taking the General Education Completion Program.

2. Transfer credit hours are dependent upon course evaluation and are estimated at 41 hours based on a 60 hour Associates program.  Credit hours may vary depending on the institution where courses where taken and accreditation requirements.  

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