Graduate Courses for Undergraduate Students

Permission for Undergraduate to enroll in graduate courses for graduate credit is made under the following criteria:

  1. Senior standing with  grade-point average of 2.7 or above.
  2. May not cause total schedule to exceed 15 semester hours.
  3. May not be used for graduate credit until student is admitted to YSU College of Graduate Studies and credit is accepted by the department.
  4. Total of such credit may not exceed 9 semester hours.

The Application by Undergraduate to Enroll in a Graduate Course form is available at the following link.

An undergraduate student who is enrolled as a senior at Youngstown State University or at another member institution of the Academic Alliance (currently including Lake Erie College, Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania, Thiel College, Walsh University, and Westminster College) or another institution of higher education with which YSU has a formal academic agreement at the graduate level, and who has a grade-point average of at least 2.7 may enroll in 5800-, 6900- and 7000- level graduate courses, provided the total schedule for the semester (including undergraduate courses) does not exceed 15 semester hours. Before registering for courses, the student must have the approval of the Graduate Program Director in the program where the credit will be applied, the course instructor, and the Dean of The College of Graduate Studies. The credit earned may be used for graduate credit at YSU only after the student is admitted to the College of Graduate Studies and the credit is accepted by the department in which the student continues graduate work. (Such coursework intended for graduate credit cannot count toward fulfillment of the requirements for a bachelor's degree at Youngstown State University.) The maximum amount of such credit that will be accepted at Youngstown State University is 9 semester hours.

Students in accelerated programs will be accommodated to allow completion of degree requirements as specified in the program curriculum.