Bachelor of Science in Education in Special Education: Intervention Specialist (IS K-12)/Integrated Language Arts (ILA 7-12)


Candidates of the program are prepared for careers as intervention specialists (IS) and as an integrated language arts (ILA) teacher who provide academic content and enhanced social skills for all students including those who are with a disability, reinforcement-based behavioral interventions, inclusion strategies, and assistive technology to individuals with exceptionalities.  Each of our degree programs prepares candidates to successfully pass the Ohio licensure exam which will result in the corresponding Intervention Specialist and Adolescent/Young Adult Integrated Language Arts 7-12 Licensures.  The YSU student chapter of Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) participates in multiple college, university, and community events to advocate for individuals with exceptional learning needs. 


Our Special Education (Mild-Moderate Licensure) and Adolescent/Young Adult Integrated Language Arts (7-12 AYA Licensure) program is designed to prepare graduates with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to best serve in schools and agencies in the area. Our Special Education and Adolescent/Young Adult Integrated Language Arts program seeks to meet the educational and service needs of Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. Our program is exemplified by the quality and diversity of classroom instruction, field experiences, program options, student, faculty, and graduates in the community. YSU has a long history of producing accomplished graduates who have served the area as Special Education and Adolescent/Young Adult Integrated Language Arts teachers, Intervention Specialists, Special Education and Adolescent/Young Adult Integrated Language Arts Professionals. We have a strong connection with our alumni, program supervisors, schools and agencies, and others who support students with exceptional learning needs in the Youngstown area.

Undergraduate candidates will find a unique educational experience that prepares them for employment and/or advanced study in Special Education and Adolescent/Young Adult Integrated Language Arts. For more information, review our website and contact Special Education faculty with any questions.

Pam Epler, Ph.D.
Program Director/Assistant Professor
2211 Beeghly Hall
Beeghly College of Liberal Arts, Social Sciences, and Education
Department of Teacher Education and Leadership Studies
(330) 941-7230

For specific questions about the Intervention Specialist (Mild/Moderate) and Adolescent/Young Adult Integrated Language Arts Licensure Option, please contact the program director.

First Year Experience
YSU 1500Success Seminar1-2
or SS 1500 Strong Start Success Seminar
or HONR 1500 Intro to Honors
General Education Requirement
ENGL 1550Writing 13-4
or ENGL 1549 Writing 1 with Support
ENGL 1551Writing 23
CMST 1545Communication Foundations3
MATH 2623Quantitative Reasoning3
Arts and Humanities Met by courses in the major
Natural sciences7
Social Sciences (Met by course in major)0
PSYC 1560General Psychology3
Social & Personal Awareness (Met by course in major)0
PSYC 3758Lifespan Development3
Subject Area Courses
ENGL 2618American Literature and Diversity3
ENGL 2631Mythology in Literature3
ENGL 2651Introduction to Language3
ENGL 3700Literary Study3
ENGL 3705Young Adult Literature3
ENGL 3710British Literature 13
ENGL 3711British Literature 23
ENGL 3712American Literature 13
ENGL 3713American Literature 23
ENGL 3741Advanced Writing for Teachers3
ENGL 4881Shakespeare and His World3
JOUR 4821Advising Student Media3
CMST 2655Communication in Groups and Organizations3
CMST 2656Interpersonal Communication3
ELIS 4803Modern Classroom Assessment3
SPED 4867Intervention and Remediation of Receptive/Expressive Language Dysfunction3
Professional Education Courses
EDFN 1501Introduction to Education3
TCED 2600Becoming an Education Professional1
TCED 2601Diversity and Equity in the Classroom1
EDFN 3708Education and Society3
PSYC 3709Psychology of Education3
EDFN 3710Educational Assessment3
SPED 2630Individuals with Exceptionalities in Society3
SPED 2630LIndividuals with Exceptionalities in Society Laboratory Experience0
TERG 3711Reading Application in Content Areas, Secondary Years3
Preclinical Courses
SED 3706Principles of Teaching Adolescents3
SED 4800EEnglish Methods for Adolescent and Young Adult Learners3
SPED 48584
TCED 4800LLaboratory Experience for Teaching All Learners0
SPED 48594
SPED 4860Transition, Collaboration & IEP Writing for Students w/Exceptionalities: 6-124
Student Teaching Courses
SED 4842AStudent Teaching Seminar for Secondary Education2
SED 4842Supervised Student Teaching: High School5
SPED 4849Supervised Student Teaching: Mild Moderate/Disabilities5
TCED 5888ESeminar edTPA Review1
Total Semester Hours125-127
Plan of Study Grid
Year 1
ENGL 1550 Writing 1 3
ENGL 2618 American Literature and Diversity 3
MATH 2623 Quantitative Reasoning 3
EDFN 1501 Introduction to Education 3
NS Elective 4
YSU 1500 Success Seminar 1-2
 Semester Hours17-18
ENGL 1551 Writing 2 3
SPED 2630 Individuals with Exceptionalities in Society 3
SPED 2630L Individuals with Exceptionalities in Society Laboratory Experience 0
ENGL 2631 Mythology in Literature 3
CMST 1545 Communication Foundations 3
TCED 2600 Becoming an Education Professional 1
TCED 2601 Diversity and Equity in the Classroom 1
ENGL 2651 Introduction to Language 3
 Semester Hours17
Year 2
ENGL 3700 Literary Study 3
ENGL 3710 British Literature 1 3
ENGL 3712 American Literature 1 3
PSYC 1560 General Psychology 3
NS Elective 3
 Semester Hours15
SED 3706 Principles of Teaching Adolescents 3
ENGL 3741 Advanced Writing for Teachers 3
ENGL 3713 American Literature 2 3
PSYC 3758 Lifespan Development 3
CMST 2656 Interpersonal Communication 3
 Semester Hours15
Year 3
ENGL 4881 Shakespeare and His World 3
ENGL 3705 Young Adult Literature 3
PSYC 3709 Psychology of Education 3
SED 4800E English Methods for Adolescent and Young Adult Learners 3
EDFN 3710 Educational Assessment 3
CMST 2655 Communication in Groups and Organizations 3
 Semester Hours18
ELIS 4803 Modern Classroom Assessment 3
EDFN 3708 Education and Society 3
TERG 3711 Reading Application in Content Areas, Secondary Years 3
JOUR 4821 Advising Student Media 3
ENGL 4850 Sociolinguistics 3
SPED 4867 Intervention and Remediation of Receptive/Expressive Language Dysfunction 3
 Semester Hours18
Year 4
SPED 4858 4
TCED 4800L Laboratory Experience for Teaching All Learners 0
SPED 4859 4
SPED 4860 Transition, Collaboration & IEP Writing for Students w/Exceptionalities: 6-12 4
 Semester Hours12
SED 4842 Supervised Student Teaching: High School 5
SED 4842A Student Teaching Seminar for Secondary Education 2
SPED 4849 Supervised Student Teaching: Mild Moderate/Disabilities 5
TCED 5888E Seminar edTPA Review 1
 Semester Hours13
 Total Semester Hours125-126

This program will allow student to graduate with licensure in two content areas.