Certificate in Applied Gerontology

Program Director: Dr. Daniel Van Dussen (330) 941-1683 or djvandussen@ysu.edu

Students desiring to pursue the Certificate in Applied Gerontology must complete the following required core and elective courses. Please note:  students must also complete required prerequisites to the upper division courses.

Required Courses
GERO 3703Aging and Society3
SOC 4801Later Life Issues3
PSYC 3757Adult Development3
GERO 3759Physical Change and Aging3
Field Work in Gerontology
GERO/SOC 4821Internship in Gerontology3
Select two of the following:6
GERO 3745Sociology of Health, Illness, and Healthcare3
GERO 3755Theories of Gerontology3
SOC 3758Long-Term Care3
GERO 3757Aging and Social Policy3
SOC 3759Sociology of Dementia3
SOC 3760Sociology of Death and Dying3
GERO 4804Family, Health, and Aging3
SOC 6905Social Gerontology3
ANTH 3790Aging in Cross-Cultural Perspective3
FNUT 3720Nutrition, Health, and Aging3
POL 3717Health Care Policy3
KSS 4870Exercise and Aging for Health Professions3
GERO 4821Internship in Gerontology3-15
SCWK 37303
PSYC 4857Biopsychological Aspects of Health and Aging3
ECON 15043
PSYC 3758Lifespan Development3

Note: The Certificate in Applied Gerontology comprises 21 semester hours. Students must maintain a “C” or better in all course work, must satisfy all prerequisites, and cannot take a course on a “CR/NC” basis.