Student Record Information and Transcripts

Changing Student Demographic Information

Students may formally change certain personal information on their record with supporting documentation.  The following demographic information may be changed:

  • Address:  Students may change their permanent address and add a mailing address different than permanent.
  • Name:  Students may change their first, middle or last name with a valid State or Federal issued photo ID and legal documentation supporting the change(s).
  • Preferred Name:  Students may add a preferred first name to their account that will appear in place of their legal first name on the Penguin Portal, Blackboard and Early Alert. The student's legal name will appear on the academic transcript and diploma.
  • Gender

Students are able to edit some personal information through Self-Service Banner (the Penguin Portal) such as preferred first name, address, and telephone number. Areas such as name, date of birth, marital status, legal sex, and YSU student email address cannot be edited by students through Self-Service Banner. To change any of these areas, students should contact the Penguin Service Center at 330-941-6000 or for assistance.

If a typographical error has occurred in the student's name, social security number, or date of birth due to incorrect information submitted during the time of application, a copy of an original document must be provided verifying the correct information. Documents that can be provided include, for example, birth certificates, passports, social security cards, driver's licenses, or other documents issued by federal, state, or local government agencies. 


The official transcript is a record of all coursework taken at Youngstown State University. A student's academic record contains a complete history of the student's academic performance. The transcript (grades and other notations) is finalized when a degree is officially posted to the permanent academic record. Therefore, the academic record of a student who graduates may not be revised using a Grade Change Form, Repetition/Recalculation Form, Petition for a Late Withdrawal, Academic Reassessment form, Academic Forgiveness form, etc.

The files maintained by the Office of Student Conduct are separate from transcripts, which are maintained by the University Registrar. If a student is expelled from the university due to a violation of The Student Code of Conduct, the expulsion is noted on the student’s official transcript indefinitely and cannot be removed. Students who have been suspended due to misconduct and request an official transcript during the time period of their suspension may have an addendum added to their transcript at the discretion of the Office of Student Conduct. This addendum will be removed once the period of suspension elapses.

Students are advised that most graduate/professional schools and many employers accept transcripts only if sent directly by the university. Current and former students, as well as alumni, can request an official transcript for academic work completed at Youngstown State University. Please be aware that only the student may request an official transcript. Photo identification is required if ordering a transcript in person. Transcripts will be released only for those students who do not currently have a financial or administrative obligation to the university.

An official transcript will only verify Youngstown State University coursework.

Transcripts may be ordered online at the YSU website or in person.

For release of transcripts with administrative or financial holds, the originating office (Bursar's, etc.) must provide a written authorization to Records Services to release a transcript once it has been ordered.

Unofficial Printout

Current students may access and print their unofficial record from their Penguin Portal.

Unofficial printouts are also available in person at the Penguin Service Center, 2nd floor, Meshel Hall.  Please bring photo ID.  The unofficial printout is a copy of the student's coursework on plain paper, and is not validated in any way. 


Office:  Penguin Service Center
Location:  Meshel Hall