Campus Safety

University Police Department

Youngstown State University maintains a well-trained and well-equipped campus police department. The department is located in Clingan Waddell Hall at the corner of Fifth Ave. and Wood St.

The staff consists of 26 sworn full-time police officers, 70 intermittent sworn police officers, and five civilian support staff. All sworn police officers are trained and certified by the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy and have full police powers. The department is a community service, technology efficient law enforcement agency. The staff is supported by a sophisticated communication system, closed circuit television, well-equipped police vehicles, and a computer based record keeping system.

The training of the departmental personnel is ongoing, and crime prevention is a departmental priority. During the academic year, various University organizations sponsor educational programs that feature YSU police officers speaking to students and employees about personal safety, awareness, security, rape/acquaintance rape, sexual assault and prevention, as well as the prevention of burglary and vandalism.

The Youngstown State University Police Department has mutual aid agreements with the Youngstown City Police Department, the Mahoning County Sheriff's Department, and a majority of other police Departments in Mahoning County and with other state universities in Ohio. The agreements provide for the Youngstown State University Police Department to exercise the same law enforcement authority when engaged in law enforcement functions as their partners in the various mutual aid agreements, in order to provide a safe and secure environment for the Youngstown State University Community. Certain officers from the department are also members of the Mahoning Valley Law Enforcement Task Force as well as the Mahoning County OVI Task Force. These task forces make available additional resources to the YSU Police Department.

The University Police Department is open 24 hours a day. The general business telephone number is (330) 941-3527. The emergency service number is extension 911 dialed through any campus extension. Campus emergency telephones are located throughout campus that will connect you directly to the YSU Police Department in the event of an emergency. 911 calls made from cell phones are answered by the City of Youngstown Communications Center. If a 911 call is made on a cell phone, it is important for the person to tell the call taker they are calling from the YSU Campus. All students are encouraged to program the YSU Police Department phone number (330) 941-3527 into their cell phones for immediate contact with a YSU Police Dispatcher when a campus phone is not available or convenient.

Campus Safety Statistics

Youngstown State University has an outstanding record of safety on campus. For a detailed description of campus safety measures and FBI Uniform Crime Report statistics, see the publication Annual Campus Safety and Fire Report available at the YSU Police website. Statistics collected by the department on crimes occurring on or near campus are submitted to the U.S. Department of Education annually in compliance with the The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act.

Campus Crime Alerts, as well as other information regarding campus safety, can be viewed at

Emergency Notification System

The University has in place an emergency notification system that instantly reaches cell phones and other mobile devices when an urgent campus situation needs to be communicated.  In the event of an emergency, a text message is sent to the mobile number and/or email registered with the system. Students must register at the YSU Alert Notification System website to receive emergency notifications. Parents and family of students may also sign up at the same website to receive alerts.

Student Security Service (SSS)

The YSU Student Security Service is sponsored by the YSU police department. The service provides a walking escort and a motorized cart service for individuals with mobility challenges. The service is provided free of charge to YSU staff, students and visitors. Registration is required; operational hours and information can be found at