First Year Requirement

Success Seminar

All first-time degree seeking undergraduates and transfer students with fewer than 30 transfer credits are required to take a Success Seminar in their first semester at YSU. Success Seminars are designed to provide students with a strong foundation for academic success at YSU.

First-year students admitted to the Strong Start program will take SS 1500: Strong Start Success Seminar. Students learn the “ins and outs” of the academic community, strengthen their study and time management skills, learn habits of mind that promote success, identify and balance competing priorities, and use appropriate campus resources to overcome challenges that arise.

First-year students admitted to the Honors College will take HNRS 1500: Introduction to Honors. This course prepares students for the expectations and requirements of the Honors Program. Students develop skills that aid in their overall academic endeavors and explore topics pertinent to their development within the Honors Program and as citizens of the university, local, national and global communities.

All other first-year students admitted to YSU will take YSU 1500: Success Seminar. This course helps students learn the conventions that govern the academic community including what is expected of them and what they are responsible for, skills needed to successfully manage their academic workload, study strategies, and habits of mind that promote success in college.

Contact for Questions/Concerns

Office: First Year Student Services
Location: Jones Hall