Certificate in the Teaching of Literature

Department of English

Dr. Lucas Hardy, Graduate Director
240 DeBartolo Hall

Certificate Description

This is a four-course certificate (12 semester hours) that will be valuable for teachers of literature at junior high schools, high schools, and two-year colleges. It would also be useful as a springboard to further graduate study in literature. This certificate would allow those teaching literature or interested in teaching literature a focus within the MA in English or a stand-alone foundation in the subject.

Admission Requirements

To be eligible for the graduate certificate in teaching of writing, students need not have an undergraduate degree in English but must have a B.A. or B.S. degree and meet requirements for admission to the College of Graduate Studies at YSU.

Certificate Requirements

Required Courses
ENGL 6906Teaching of Literature3
ENGL 6902Literary Thought3
Students must take one course from two of the following three areas:6
British Literature
The Medieval World
Sixteenth- and 17th-Century British Studies
Shakespeare and Renaissance Drama
Restoration and 18th-Century British Studies
Nineteenth-Century British Studies
Twentieth-Century British Studies
Studies in Romanticism
American Literature
Early American Studies
Nineteenth-Century American Studies
Twentieth-Century American
Working Class Literature
Multicultural Literature
Perspectives in Multicultural Studies
Total Semester Hours12

Learning Outcomes

  1. Teaching of Literature Certificate students will demonstrate knowledge of the history of British, American, and/or world literary publication cultures, movements, and forms/genres.
  2. Teaching of Literature Certificate students will demonstrate the use of a variety of interpretive strategies for analyzing multiple kinds of texts, including close reading, contextual interpretation, analysis of form and genre, and rhetorical analysis.
  3. Teaching of Literature Certificate students will demonstrate the use of theories related to the representation of culture, race, class, gender, and sexuality to interpret literary texts.
  4. Teaching of Literature Certificate students will demonstrate the ability to participate in the professional life of the discipline as scholars, teachers, editors, and writers.