ADV 3710    Basic Public Relations    3 s.h.

Study of the management function which investigates and evaluates public attitudes, policies, means, and techniques used in the field to earn public understanding and acceptance.
Prereq.: ENGL 1551 and GPA of 2.5.

ADV 3711    Marketing Communications    3 s.h.

Examines the integration of promotional activities within a marketing context. Presents the marketing communication role of the four elements in the promotional mix then takes a holistic perspective that focuses on the interrelationships among advertising, public relations, sales promotion, and personal selling.
Prereq.: sophomore standing; 2.5 GPA.

ADV 3712    Creative Strategies in IMC    3 s.h.

The creative process is related to the different message and graphic needs required in advertising, public relations, and sales promotion. Examines the synergistic possibilities of the separate efforts focused on the same creative strategy within an integrated marketing communications (IMC) campaign.
Prereq.: junior standing, GPA of 2.5.

ADV 3717    Media Planning and Buying    3 s.h.

Planning, executing, and controlling of media buys. Techniques of allocation of budget among print and electronic media explored on national, regional, and local levels familiarizing the student with syndicated media resources.
Prereq.: ADV 3711 and GPA of 2.5.

ADV 3720    Introduction to Adobe Creative Cloud    3 s.h.

The Adobe Creative Cloud is a suite of programs to aid in the development and execution of graphical assets used for marketing, advertising, and branding. This course will introduce the student to the inner working of Adobe Creative Cloud programs and how they relate to one another as well as the proper usage of the programs. Through practical exercises, students will become fluent in industry standard software fro line art, logos, vector graphics, and page layout for both print and web as well as tricks and time efficient techniques to keep work clean and professional.
Prereq.: Sophomore standing; 2.5 GPA.

ADV 4850    Advertising Internship    3 s.h.

Through employment with participating business organizations the student will receive professional advertising experience. Required paper on the relationship between advertising theory and practice.
Prereq.: MKTG 3703, 2.5 GPA.

ADV 4855    IMC Campaigns    3 s.h.

Capstone course in the integrated marketing communications curriculum. By employing the fundamental theories and practices garnered from previous integrated marketing communications courses for a specific IMC problem, the focus is the development of an integrated marketing communications campaign.
Prereq.: ADV 3711, ADV 3712, ADV 3717 and GPA of 2.5.

ADV 4899    Independent Study    3 s.h.

This course will allow students to develop a special topic of interest under the direct supervision of a marketing faculty member. The objective of this course is to provide the student with a strong understanding of a specific area of advertising.
Prereq.: ADV 3711; 2.5 GPA.