CMST 1545    Communication Foundations    3 s.h.

Theories, strategies, and skills for competent participation in interpersonal, group, and public communication situations. Application exercises in interpersonal, group, and public communication.
Prereq.: Qualified to take ENGL 1549 or ENGL 1550.

CMST 2600    Communication Theory    3 s.h.

The study of significant theories of communication that reflect the diversity of communication studies and address different communication contexts: interpersonal, group, public, organizational, and mass.
Gen Ed: Social Science.

CMST 2610    Intercultural Communication    3 s.h.

The study of key historical and contemporary theories that affect communication across cultural boundaries. Exercises for improving communication skills in intercultural communication situations are included.
Gen Ed: Domestic Diversity, Social and Personal Awareness.

CMST 2630    Social Media Literacy    3 s.h.

Analyze and evaluate social media communication in its variety of forms. Includes message evaluation, digital media curating, ethics and privacy.

CMST 2645    Presentational Speaking    3 s.h.

In-depth examination of the theory and practice of preparing and delivering presentations in today's work environment. Emphasis on using technology aids during presentations.
Prereq.: CMST 1545 or equivalent.

CMST 2650    Rhetoric of Film    3 s.h.

Conceptual examination and critical analyses of film including mythic, feminism, Marxist, auteur, genre, and rhetorical perspectives.
Prereq.: ENGL 1551.

CMST 2655    Communication in Groups and Organizations    3 s.h.

Introduction to theories and concepts relating to group and organizational communication effectiveness with practical career applications.

CMST 2656    Interpersonal Communication    3 s.h.

An examination of the skills necessary to develop, maintain, and evaluate one-to-one relationships. Through practical experiences from everyday life, the class examines what occurs when one person communicates with another.

CMST 3700    Designing Communication Research    3 s.h.

A study of the processes involved in designing both qualitative and quantitative communication research projects. Communication research design and implementation.
Prereq.: 15 s.h. of Communication Studies including CMST 2600, and ENGL 1551.

CMST 3717    Intro to Media Relations Campaigns    3 s.h.

An experiential, service-learning course in designing and implementing Media Relations campaigns.
Prereq.: CMST 1545.

CMST 3740    Social Media Communication    3 s.h.

Examination of applications and strategies for communicating through social media, including managing personal and professional social media messages, social media content development, and dissemination.
Prereq.: CMST 2630.

CMST 3745    Individual Studies    1-3 s.h.

Student selects a special problem or issue in communication to research in detail under the direction of a faculty member, pending department committee approval. Repeatable to 6 hrs.
Prereq.: Junior standing.

CMST 3746    Presentational Speaking    3 s.h.

In depth examination of the theory and practice of preparing and delivering presentations in today's work environment with emphasis of the impact of internet technology on the forms of oral communication presentations.
Prereq.: CMST 1545 or equivalent.

CMST 3747    Film Analysis: A Rhetorical Perspective    3 s.h.

Audience and critical rhetorical analysis of films. Approaches include Mythic, Genre, Auteur, Feminist, and Marxist with a focus on the rhetorical dimensions of the various perspectives. Prereq. or.
Prereq.: ENGL 1551.
Coreq.: CMST 1545.

CMST 3750    Gender Communication    3 s.h.

Principal concepts and issues of gender and communication as they apply to identity, and communication within and between the genders in a variety of contexts.
Prereq.: CMST 1545.

CMST 3754    Argumentation    3 s.h.

Developing critical thinking through systematic evaluation of theories, principles, and practices of argumentation.
Prereq.: CMST 2600.

CMST 3756    Interviewing    3 s.h.

Theories of communication applied to interview situations with a special concern for developing student understanding of and skills needed to participate in one-to-one and panel interviews.
Prereq.: CMST 1545 and junior standing.

CMST 3757    Media Relations Writing    3 s.h.

A lecture-lab course in writing pamphlets, advertisements, newsletters, and websites for media relations campaigns.
Prereq.: ENGL 1551.

CMST 4850    Social Media Campaigns    3 s.h.

Integrated media campaign development using social media applications; theory and practice of social media campaign lifecycles including inception, implementation, and evaluation of client-based projects.
Prereq.: CMST 1545 and junior standing.

CMST 4851    New Communication Media    3 s.h.

New media histories, technologies, and cultures. Considers promising future forms, and includes issues of authorship, community, identity, interactivity, visuality, the nature and power of technology, intelligent systems, and artificial life.
Prereq.: CMST 2600 and junior standing.

CMST 4855    Interpersonal Communication Relationships    3 s.h.

Theories of relationship development, maintenance and termination. The impact of face-to-face and mediated communication on interpersonal relationships.
Prereq.: CMST 2600 and CMST 2656 and junior standing.

CMST 4859    Organizational Cultures    3 s.h.

Analysis of organizational cultures. Relationships between organizational culture and communication in modern organizations.
Prereq.: CMST 2655 and junior standing.

CMST 4879    Sports Communication Message Design    3 s.h.

Integrated media campaign development using theory and practice of communication. Students will explore lifecycles of sports information campaigns including inception, implementation, and evaluation of projects.
Prereq.: CMST 2600.

CMST 4896    Internship    3 s.h.

An application of communication theories and practice within organizational settings. Weekly meetings with faculty supervisor are required. Weekly field work is 15 hours. May be repeated to a maximum of 6 s.h.
Prereq.: CMST 2655, junior standing, major in Communication Studies, and approval of Internship Proposal form.

CMST 4898    Media Analysis    3 s.h.

Application of methods of analysis to describe and critique the content of various types of media, including new media, news media, and entertainment media. Emphasis on the relationship between media content, uses, and effects.
Prereq.: CMST 3700.

CMST 4899    Senior Project    3 s.h.

Synthesis of research, writing, and presentation skills through the completion of a communication research project and professional development activity. Repeatable to a maximum of 6 s.h. Grading is Traditional/PR.
Prereq.: Senior standing, major in Communication Studies, 24 s.h. of communication studies major complete, including CMST 3700 or CMST 3799.
Gen Ed: Capstone.

CMST 5852    Conflict Management and Negotiation    3 s.h.

An in-depth analysis of the theories and variables influencing conflict management, resolution, and negotiation. Includes strategies and skills for meditation and arbitration.
Prereq.: CMST 2600 or Graduate Status.

CMST 5860    Persuasion and New Media    3 s.h.

Introduction to persuasion theory and application of theory to new communication media.
Prereq.: CMST 2600 and CMST 3700 or graduate status.

CMST 5889    Theory of Sports and Communication    3 s.h.

CMST 5889. An overview of sports and communication, their symbiotic relationship and the social, cultural, and political impact of that relationship.
Prereq.: CMST 2600 or TCOM 1570 and senior standing, or permission of instructor.

CMST 5898    Seminar    3 s.h.

A cooperative exploration of topics in communication studies. May be repeated up to 6 semester hours.
Prereq.: CMST 2600 or graduate status.

CMST 5898U    Seminar Greece Study Abroad    3 s.h.

A cooperative exploration of topics in communication studies. May be repeated up to 6 semester hours.
Prereq.: CMST 2600 or graduate status.

CMST 5898V    Seminar Personal Brand & NIL    3 s.h.

A cooperative exploration of topics in communication studies. May be repeated up to 6 semester hours.
Prereq.: CMST 2600 or graduate status.

CMST 6900    Introduction to Graduate Study    3 s.h.

Orientation to teaching, learning, and research in the communication discipline for new graduate students.

CMST 6945    Communication for the Classroom Teacher    3 s.h.

The study of communication theory and practice appropriate for the prospective classroom teacher. Theories and application exercises focus on interpersonal communication, group communication, and classroom speaking.

CMST 6950    Computer Mediated Communication Research    3 s.h.

Theory, research, and application of CMC including examination of computer communication theories and relevant research methodologies, web design theory and critiques, blogging, podcasting, e-mailing, social media, multimedia storytelling. Design, implementation, and evaluation of CMC.

CMST 6953    Group Dynamics: Theory and Research    3 s.h.

Theory and research of group processes, critical thinking and creativity strategies, theory of group leadership and teamwork, conflict management and mediation, advanced group decision-making and problem solving, motivational strategies.

CMST 6957    Organizational Communication Research    3 s.h.

Applies theories of organizational communication to a chosen organization. Culminates with report and presentation.

CMST 6970    Internship    3 s.h.

Communication-related work in a non-academic professional setting.
Prereq.: Completion of the MA core courses.

CMST 6980    Applied Research Methods    3 s.h.

Introduction to and application of qualitative research methods relevant to business communication settings.

CMST 6990    Measurement and Analysis    3 s.h.

Research processes using social scientific, quantitative methodologies and practical experience in conducting research. Essential skill development in research design, measurement, data collection and data analysis.

CMST 6991    Communication Problems: Independent Study    3 s.h.

Individual study and practical application of communication research principles to various organizational, group and mediated communication problems.

CMST 6994    Capstone    3 s.h.

Applied research paper on a communication topic. Oral presentation required. For non-thesis option students only. Thesis option students should take CMST 6995: Thesis.
Prereq.: Completion of the MA core courses.

CMST 6995    Thesis    1-6 s.h.

Research study on an applied communication topic. Oral presentation required. Total of 6 s.h. required for the MA thesis option. For thesis option students only. Non-thesis option students should take CMST 6994: Capstone.
Prereq.: Completion of the MA core courses.