Dental Hygiene (DHYG)

DHYG 1514L    Clinical Dental Hygiene Remediation    1 s.h.

This course is designed to improve the dental hygiene student's clinical skills, and to develop the basic competencies essential for performing invasive dental hygiene procedures. The student's individual clinic deficiencies will be addressed, along with patient management and time utilization. This course may be repeated one time. Four hours of clinic per week for twelve weeks.
Prereq.: Unsatisfactory progress in clinical dental hygiene and/or recommendation of the clinic coordinator.

DHYG 2601    Dental Hygiene 1    3 s.h.

An introduction to providing dental hygiene care. Theories and principles of patient assessment, prevention of disease transmission, instrumentation, instrument sharpening, and coronal polishing. Application of risk assessment as it relates to the treatment plan through case studies.
Prereq.: Admission to the Dental Hygiene Program.

DHYG 2601L    Clinical Dental Hygiene 1    2 s.h.

Preclinical dental hygiene instruction in a simulation laboratory. Introduction of basic dental hygiene procedures and equipment operation. Six hours of lab per week.
Prereq.: Admission to the Dental Hygiene Program.

DHYG 2602    Dental Hygiene 2    2 s.h.

Discussion of appropriate preventive dental agents and devices to improve various dental conditions and implementation techniques. Development of individualized patient education instruction and a tobacco cessation program as part of the dental hygiene care plan.
Prereq.: DHYG 2601.

DHYG 2602L    Clinical Dental Hygiene 2    2 s.h.

Continuation of pre-clinical dental hygiene instruction in the clinical setting. Includes comprehensive patient care planning and implementation techniques. Twelve hours of lab per week.
Prereq.: DHYG 2601L.

DHYG 2620    Head and Neck Anatomy    2 s.h.

A study of the anatomy of the head and neck, oral structures and tooth morphology.
Prereq.: Admission to the Dental Hygiene program.

DHYG 2620L    Head and Neck Anatomy Lab    1 s.h.

Applied study of the anatomy of the head and neck, oral structures and tooth morphology. Three hours of lab per week.
Prereq.: Admission to the Dental Hygiene program.

DHYG 2630    Management of Medical/Dental Emergencies    2 s.h.

Instruction in the prevention, recognition, and management of medical emergencies in the dental office. Emphasis on case studies to develop critical thinking and decision-making skills in patient management.
Prereq.: Admission to the Dental Hygiene Program.

DHYG 2640    Oral Histology    2 s.h.

A study of the tissues of the human body and embryological development.
Prereq.: DHYG 2620.

DHYG 3703    Dental Hygiene 3    3 s.h.

Advanced dental hygiene instrumentation and techniques. Patient cases, problem identification, and strategies. Fundamentals of sonic and ultrasonic instrumentation.
Prereq.: DHYG 2602.

DHYG 3703L    Clinical Dental Hygiene 3    3 s.h.

Clinic application of dental hygiene techniques on student partners and clinic patients. Emphasis on applied preventive measures and patient education. Nine hours of clinic per week.
Prereq.: DHYG 2602L.

DHYG 3704    Dental Hygiene 4    3 s.h.

Concepts of nutrition science as they relate to the evaluation and education of dental hygiene patients with emphasis on caries risk assessment.
Prereq.: DHYG 3703.

DHYG 3704L    Clinical Dental Hygiene 4    3 s.h.

Clinical application of dental hygiene techniques. Emphasis on the interpretation of patient assessment and evidence based research to evaluate patients' oral health and to develop effective treatment plans. Nine hours of clinic per week.
Prereq.: DHYG 3703L.

DHYG 3750    Oral Pathology    2 s.h.

The cause and nature of disease, together with anatomical, histological and functional changes. Observation and evaluation of the patients' systemic and oral health status as it relates to treatment planning. Special emphasis is given to oral pathology and case studies.
Prereq.: DHYG 2640.

DHYG 3760    Dental Radiology    3 s.h.

History and development of radiographs, radiographic theory and techniques, hazardous effects of radiation, and methods of protection. Emphasis on interpretation of normal anatomic structures and pathologic entities; and the use of diagnosis in prevention of dental and related diseases.
Prereq.: DHYG 2602L.

DHYG 3760L    Dental Radiology Lab    1 s.h.

The techniques necessary to expose, develop, and mount dental films with emphasis in radiographic interpretation. Three hours of lab per week.
Prereq.: DHYG 2602L.

DHYG 3770    Periodontology    3 s.h.

The study of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases affecting the gingival and supporting structures of the teeth, as well as implant placement and maintenance. Emphasis is on acquisition of knowledge of the histopathology of disease and the biologic basis for periodontal therapy.
Prereq.: DHYG 2640.

DHYG 3780    Pharmacology    2 s.h.

Importance of pharmacological aspects of those drugs and drug groups with which the dentist and dental hygienist are directly and indirectly concerned. Application of pharmacology in treatment planning.
Prereq.: DHYG 2630.

DHYG 3790    Local Anesthesia and Pain Control for Dental Hygienists    2 s.h.

Instruction in the anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, and administration of local anesthesia and other pain control methods.
Prereq.: DHYG 3703L or permission of the Program Director.

DHYG 3790L    Local Anesthesia and Pain Control Clinic    1 s.h.

Application of the techniques of local anesthetic administration and pain control on anatomical models and clinical partners. Three hours of clinic per week.
Prereq.: DHYG 3703L or permission of the Program Director.

DHYG 4805    Dental Hygiene 5    3 s.h.

The role of the dental hygienist in providing care for special needs patients by recognizing the necessary treatment plan modifications due to physical, mental, medical, and social factors.
Prereq.: DHYG 3704.

DHYG 4805L    Clinical Dental Hygiene 5    4 s.h.

Advanced clinical application of dental hygiene techniques with emphasis on patient management and radiographic assessment resulting in an individualized and comprehensive treatment plan for periodontal patients. Twelve hours of clinic per week.
Prereq.: DHYG 3704L.

DHYG 4806    Dental Hygiene 6    2 s.h.

A study of dental specialties enhancing students' knowledge, and understanding. Indications for referral, specialized instruments, diagnostic tests, and specific oral hygiene instructions will be discussed.
Prereq.: DHYG 4805.

DHYG 4806L    Clinical Dental Hygiene 6    4 s.h.

Continued application of dental hygiene techniques with emphasis on professionalism and competency in private practice. Twelve hours of clinic per week.
Prereq.: DHYG 4805L.

DHYG 4830    Dental Materials    1 s.h.

The sources, physical properties, methods of manufacturing, and uses of various dental materials. Emphasis on the newest products, and interpretation of research supporting product effectiveness.
Prereq.: DHYG 3704L.

DHYG 4830L    Dental Materials Lab    1 s.h.

Clinical application of selected dental materials and four-handed dentistry enhancing the students' understanding of dental procedures. Technical procedures and delegated responsibilities will be completed on manikins, and student partners. Three hours of lab per week.
Prereq.: DHYG 3704L.

DHYG 4840    Directed Dental Hygiene Research    3 s.h.

Development of research skills including problem identification, development of a hypothesis, research design, data collection, analysis, and interpretation. Approved dental hygiene topics will be completed as a group under faculty supervision.
Prereq.: AHLT 4806.
Gen Ed: Capstone.

DHYG 4845    Expanded Functions for the Dental Hygienist    3 s.h.

Review of tooth morphology, properties and manipulation of dental restorative material, and techniques and procedures for restoring teeth with amalgam and tooth colored direct restorations. Concepts of four-handed dentistry and knowledge to perform as an Expanded Functions Dental Auxiliary (EFDA).
Prereq.: DHYG 2620, DHYG 2620L and junior standing or consent of instructor.

DHYG 4845L    Expanded Functions for the Dental Hygienist Lab    1 s.h.

Laboratory application of restorative techniques utilizing the principles and skills of restorative four-handed dentistry. Preparation of the dental hygiene student to perform the duties of an expanded function dental auxiliary. Three hours of lab per week.
Prereq.: DHYG 2620, DHYG 2620L and junior standing or consent of instructor.
Coreq.: DHYG 4845.

DHYG 4850    Dental Public Health    3 s.h.

An introduction to public health dentistry, a study of the epidemiology of dental disease, writing grant proposals, and implementation of health promotion theories. Preventing and controlling dental disease through organized community efforts is addressed.
Prereq.: DHYG 4805.

DHYG 4850L    Community Clinicals    1 s.h.

Oral health care services provided by senior dental hygiene students at community sites. Culturally competent care to underserved populations is the primary course emphasis. Forty-five hours of community clinical experience throughout the semester.
Prereq.: DHYG 4805L.

DHYG 4855L    Expanded Functions Clinical    2 s.h.

Clinical implementation of expanded functions dental auxiliary skills gained in DHYG 4845L. Planned, evaluated and supervised clinical experience. Ninety hours of clinical experience throughout the semester.
Prereq.: DHYG 2620, DHYG 2620L, and DHYG 4845L or consent of instructor.

DHYG 4860    Ethics and Practice Concepts    2 s.h.

The historical, professional, legal, and ethical aspects of dental hygiene. Study of practice management topics relevant to the changing roles of hygienists with emphasis on quality care in a patient centered practice.
Prereq.: DHYG 4805.