Entrepreneurship (ENT)

ENT 3700    Entrepreneurship New Venture Creation    3 s.h.

An examination of the entrepreneurial process from opportunity recognition and assessment through the launch of the new firm. Emphasis placed on exploring creativity and innovation. Students will develop a feasible business idea, present the idea as an elevator pitch, and write a business proposal.
Prereq.: BUS 1500, sophomore standing, 2.5 GPA.

ENT 3750    Entrepreneurship-Small Business Financial Management    3 s.h.

Practical application of accounting and finance concepts in small/new businesses. Emphasis on raising capital, understanding financial statements, implementing small business accounting software, and forecasting revenue, expenses, and cash flow.
Prereq.: BUS 1500 (C or better), sophomore standing, 2.5 GPA.

ENT 4800    Entrepreneurship-Business Plan Development    3 s.h.

An in-depth study of the aspects of a successful business plan. An individual business plan will be developed by students based on the analysis of a viable business concept.
Prereq.: ENT 3700, 2.5 GPA.

ENT 4850    Entrepreneurship Internship    3 s.h.

The student is given the opportunity to relate theory to practice in an on-site field experience in a new venture or local small business. Student works 12-15 hours per week under direct supervision of company management and direct guidance of faculty advisor. A weekly journal and final report are required.
Prereq.: junior standing, 2.5 GPA and special approval required, OR special approval required.

ENT 4851    Field Studies in Entrepreneurship    3 s.h.

Students work with actual problems and opportunities faced by small businesses under faculty supervision. Problems/opportunities are defined, analyzed and researched. Recommendations are developed and presented to business owners for evaluation.
Prereq.: 2.5 GPA, special approval required.