Foundations of Education (FOUN)

FOUN 6902    Sociological Bases of Education    3 s.h.

Selected sociological concepts and theories will form the basis for a critical analysis of schooling. Special attention will be given to the emergence of schools and to how schools serve diverse populations.

FOUN 6904    Introduction to Educational Research    3 s.h.

Basic methodologies and techniques of educational research design and elementary statistical concepts are introduced. This course relies on critical thinking and analytical discourse for the examination and evaluation of research studies.

FOUN 6914    Statistical Methods in Education    3 s.h.

An introductory course in frequency distributions, measures of central tendency, measures of variability, calculations and meaning of percentiles, normal distribution theory, reliability and validity of measures, and basic statistical analysis.
Prereq.: FOUN 6904.

FOUN 6982    Independent Study/Action Research    1-3 s.h.

Individual investigation of advanced topics under the guidance of selected department faculty. May be repeated.

FOUN 6990    Advanced Seminar in Foundations of Education    1-3 s.h.

Selected topics for an advanced study of a topic to be addressed from a sociological, historical, philosophical, assessment, or research perspective.
Prereq.: Completion of a master's degree or advanced licensure.

FOUN 6995    Workshop in the Foundations of Education    1-3 s.h.

A workshop designed for the development of particular skills and/or perspectives on a school-related topic.

FOUN 8102    Perspectives on Leadership Among Diverse Populations    3 s.h.

An explorative study of constructs and concepts of cultural diversity within groups based on notions of class, race, sex, ethnicity, ableness, and religion/spiritualties. Consideration of expectations and organizational practices as informed by diversity issues.
Prereq.: Doctoral admission and one of the following: FOUN 6901, FOUN 6902, or FOUN 6905.

FOUN 8104    Research Strategies in Educational Administration    3 s.h.

An examination of major research methodologies and a preview of the different paradigms and assumptions that underlie controlled disciplined inquiries. Techniques associated with particular methodologies in educational administration will be introduced, and their strengths and weaknesses will be analyzed.

FOUN 8111    Advanced Research Design and Statistics    3 s.h.

An in-depth treatment of the major correlational, experimental, and quasi-experimental research designs and associated statistical analyses, including the design and analysis of surveys and factor analytic techniques. Experience in data analysis using SPSS or other statistical packages. 3 s.h. Cross listed with EDAD 8111.
Prereq.: EDAD/FOUN 8104.

FOUN 8112    Qualitative Research for Educators    3 s.h.

Consideration of traditional and evolving qualitative methods and literature that apply to doctoral study of problems in teaching, school leadership, and school change.

FOUN 8113    Theories of Inquiry    3 s.h.

Perspectives for critical analysis, investigation of ways of knowing, and an examination of criteria that have been used successfully for negotiating status and justifying claims within contested domains of inquiry. 3 s.h.
Prereq.: FOUN 8104 and EDAD 8111/FOUN 8111.
Cross-Listed: EDAD 8113.