Hospitality Management (HMGT)

HMGT 1500    Introduction to Hospitality Industry    3 s.h.

General overview of the hospitality industry with perspectives on the organizational structure, operations, management and various associated issues.

HMGT 2603    Hospitality Managerial Accounting 1    4 s.h.

Using the "Uniform System of Accounting for Small Hotels, Motels, and Motor Hotels," introduces the unique requirements of hospitality industry record keeping. Focus on using financial data to safeguard assets, control costs, budget and plan, and practice yield management.
Prereq.: MATH 1552 or MATH 2623.

HMGT 2610    Organization and Management    3 s.h.

Concepts of organization and management related to hospitality/health care; selecting, training, developing, and supervising for the advancement of personnel. Emphasis on labor-management relations and legal aspects of the management-guest relationship with particular attention to personal and property liability.

HMGT 2622    Hotel Management    3 s.h.

The role of service departments within a hotel, such as housekeeping, front office, security (or night audits), and concierge. Topics include: fundamental lodging classifications and brands in the lodging industry, recent trends, the relationship between the hotel rooms department and other departments.
Prereq.: HMGT 1500 or HMGT 1501.

HMGT 2691    Hospitality Cooperative Work Experience    3 s.h.

Work experience in which the student assumes supervisory responsibilities within an assigned food-service or lodging facility. One hour seminar and 20 hours work experience per week.
Prereq.: "C" or better in HMEC 1550 and HMGT 1500; 2.0 GPA.

HMGT 3719    Facilities Management    4 s.h.

Maintenance, engineering and security principles for lodging and food service properties. Technical information, preventive maintenance, engineering, housekeeping and security department roles; security techniques used to enhance safety of persons and property, including loss prevention, administration, organization, emergency planning, and liability.
Prereq.: HMGT 1500 or HMGT 1501.

HMGT 3725    Food and Beverage Management    3 s.h.

Managerial authority and responsibilities in setting goals, forecasting, controlling quality and costs, establishing policy in the successful operation of a food and beverage department. Two hours lecture, two hours lab.
Prereq.: FNUT 2612.

HMGT 3734    Front Office Operation    3 s.h.

Advanced study of the front-office management from reservations through checkout including the property management systems, central reservation system, and their impacts on other lodging operations.
Prereq.: "C" or better in HMGT 2622.

HMGT 3745    Hospitality Marketing and Sales    4 s.h.

Basic concepts and practices of modern hospitality marketing, which enable students to develop strategic and operating marketing plans for hospitality industries.
Prereq.: "C" or better in HMGT 1500 or HMGT 1501.

HMGT 4804    Hospitality Industry Law and Ethics    3 s.h.

Legal aspects of managing a hotel, resort, or restaurant. Provides an understanding of preventive measures to avoid or successfully deal with litigation. Includes legal research, licensing, innkeepers' obligations.
Prereq.: MGT 2604; "C" or better in HMEC 1550 and HMGT 3719.

HMGT 4846    Event Management    3 s.h.

Focus on the career of meeting and convention management, includes adult learning theory, finance, promotion, post-meeting evaluation, facility selection, budgeting, exhibit management, physical facilities, pre-event planning.
Prereq.: MKTG 3703 or "C" or better in HMGT 3745.

HMGT 4896    Hospitality Operations Management    3 s.h.

Capstone course requiring a broad application of knowledge and skills. Students solve operational dilemmas and make decisions reflecting the diverse nature of managing a hotel, resort, and food-service property.
Prereq.: "C" or better in HMGT 1500.