INFO 2663    Information Technology Management    3 s.h.

Principles and practices of effective information systems management. Includes organization environment, leadership issues, information system types, strategic role of information technology, planning issues, managing and supporting essential technologies, system development and computing, and successful integration of people and technology.
Prereq.: CSIS 1590 or INFO 2600.

INFO 2698    Special Topics    1-3 s.h.

An in-depth study of information technologies. Topics vary. May be repeated for different topics.
Prereq.: Permission of chairperson.

INFO 3704    Business Communication    3 s.h.

Communication theory and practice. Business letter writing; oral communication. Review of English usage.
Prereq.: ENGL 1551.

INFO 3714    Advanced Spreadsheets    3 s.h.

Includes macros, look-up tables, advanced problems, templates, and projects with emphasis on accounting and finance applications.
Prereq.: CSIS 1514 or CSIS 1590.

INFO 3774    Multimedia Technology    4 s.h.

Technical configurations, graphic creation, manipulation, exchange, and digital asset management. Web and multimedia audio and video. Video strategies on the Internet. Fundamental Web utility tools. Storyboarding strategies, layout, and design issues. Three hours lecture, two hours lab.
Prereq.: CSIS 1590.

INFO 3775    Multimedia Authoring    4 s.h.

A study of multimedia authoring tools. Methods for integrating text, graphics, sound, and video. Project required. Three hours lecture and two hours lab.
Prereq.: INFO 3774.

INFO 3776    Client-Side Scripting Techniques    4 s.h.

Scripting and the role of scripting languages in software development for the web, and identifying key scripting languages used for the web. Developing, debugging, and testing scripts for the web, and local and remote software version control systems. Three hours lecture and two hours lab.
Prereq.: CSIS 1570, and CSIS 2605 or CSIS 2610.

INFO 3777    Computer Technology for Digital Image Processing    4 s.h.

Study of tools and technology for digital image processing. Creating and capturing still and video images for use in Web site development. Techniques used in compression and archiving of graphics files. Project required. Three hours lecture and two hours lab.
Prereq.: INFO 3774.

INFO 4880    Information Technology Analysis and Design    3 s.h.

Information systems integration and modeling. Analysis of dynamic information flow, functional requirements, and system design in theory and practice.
Prereq.: CSIS 3722 and either CSIS 3723 or CSIS 3782.
Gen Ed: Capstone.

INFO 4895    Special Topics    2-4 s.h.

A study of special topics in information technologies. Subject matter and credit hours will be announced in advance. May be repeated multiple times if topic is different.
Prereq.: At least 3 s.h. of upper-division departmental courses and permission of chair.

INFO 5875    Advanced Multimedia Authoring    4 s.h.

This course is a study of advanced multimedia authoring principles. Through assigned reading, lab exercises, and lectures, you will generate guiding principles of designing and developing effective multimedia materials. Additionally, advanced-scripting language concepts toward developing multimedia materials, integrating text, graphics, sound, and animation, will be presented. 3 hours lecture and 2 hours lab.
Prereq.: INFO 3774 or INFO 3775 or INFO 3776.