Master Business Administration (MBA)

MBA 6911    Integrated Business Solutions    2 s.h.

Become a successful manager or executive, requires one to be adept at: identify/define a business problem, generating appropriate solutions, evaluating solutions, and selecting an appropriate solution, given their understanding of the problem and the dynamics of a business and the environment in which it operates. In this course you will learn concepts and techniques that will privde a strong foundation and developing these abilities. Program - MBA or General Business.
Prereq.: Graduate standing.

MBA 6931    Professional Communication    1-2 s.h.

Effective communication is a critical component for success in the workplace. Participants will learn to design effective messages, both written and oral, for a variety of business audiences and environments. Additionally, participants will be able to manage other issues relevant to business communication, such as reputation management, employee communication and crisis management.
Prereq.: Graduate standing.

MBA 6932    Professionalism & Career Management    1 s.h.

Participants will learn how to effectively present themselves in the workplace and position themselves for new opportunities - either through advancement or with a new organization. Participants will be able to analyze career choices through a focus on assessments and experiences, engage in more effective job search to find a career that reflects their values, skills and interests.
Prereq.: Graduate standing.

MBA 6933    Business Ethics and Social Responsibility    2 s.h.

Today, businesses must operate in increasingly complex environments, requiring their leaders to make decisions with considerations other than just 'the bottom line.' Participants will be able to better understand their personal and social responsibilities as business managers. In addition, participants will be equipped to not only recognize ethical issues, but to react to them by applying ethical decision-making models.
Prereq.: Graduate standing.

MBA 6970    Global Business    3 s.h.

Economic, cultural, political and legal differences across countries create unique challenges in today's global business landscape. To become more effective managers in this global arena, participants will examine how these issues impact the management of finance, marketing, operations and human resources.
Prereq.: Graduate standing.

MBA 6977    Comprehensive Business Analysis    1-2 s.h.

To demonstrate a mastery of core business concepts learned throughout the MBA, participants will utilize knowledge and capabilities gained throughout the program to analyze, synthesize and present recommendations in the areas of: managing, decision making, leadershio, and strategic thinking.
Prereq.: MGT 6975 or concurrent.