Multimedia Communication (MCOM)

MCOM 1570    Sports Field Production 1    3 s.h.

A study of the electronic sports media as business and social forces; attention given to how media and sport industries grew as consorts into the Sports Media complex, basic legal and ethical considerations for sports media practitioners; the various platforms through which sports media content is offered; electronic sports media roles and careers; and the social implications of the electronic sports media.

MCOM 1595    Media Literacy and Culture    3 s.h.

This course offers a critical survey of the role played by mass communication in shaping culture. Individual media institutions are examined in terms of the information they distribute, the entertainment they provide, and the influence they exercise. Special attention is paid to the audience-medium relationship and the concept of media literacy.
Gen Ed: Social Science.

MCOM 2624    Communication Technology - Photo and Video    3 s.h.

Focus on the use of photographs and video to convey messages. Includes study of visual literacy, principles of image composition, use of still and video cameras, use of editing software.
Cross-Listed: JOUR 2624.

MCOM 2625    Communication Technologies: Aesthetics and Design    3 s.h.

Focus on the way visual and design elements are used to conceive, produce, and critique mediated messages. Includes the study of design principles using light, color, space, sound, motion, and mise-en-scene for print, video, and film messages.

MCOM 2683    Foundations of Multicamera Production    3 s.h.

An introduction of practices and procedures basic to media production facilities.
Cross-Listed: TCOM 2683.

MCOM 2685    Producing    3 s.h.

Producing, writing, editing and using electronic equipment to assemble video content; emphasis on performing the various tasks involved in interview preparation, location scouting, managing talent and sources, and communicating the management of content organizationally, and analyzing and communicating to diverse audiences.
Prereq.: JOUR 2602.

MCOM 3726    American Media: History, Principles and Practices    3 s.h.

The development of American mass media, the role of media and its effects on American society. A survey course designed to familiarize students with the principles and practices involved in the industries associated with mass media.
Cross-Listed: JOUR 3726.

MCOM 3780    Presentational Literacy    3 s.h.

Examination of the theory and practice of preparing and delivering presentations in today's work and media environments. Examination of theories, techniques and major styles of delivery including use of advanced visual aids, voice control and delivering scripted and extemporaneous statements, stories and speeches.
Prereq.: CMST 1545.
Cross-Listed: TCOM 3780.

MCOM 3781    Audio Production    3 s.h.

Study of the concepts of audio production, including student production of various types of programs.
Prereq.: TCOM 2683 or MCOM 2683.
Cross-Listed: TCOM 3781.

MCOM 3782    Advanced Multicamera Production    3 s.h.

Study of studio production elements such as equipment, lighting, scene design, graphics, and special effects. The equivalent of three hours lecture and two hours lab per week.
Prereq.: TCOM 2683 or MCOM 2683.
Cross-Listed: TCOM 3782.

MCOM 3784    Electronic Media Content Strategies    3 s.h.

A study of contemporary electronic media strategies involving the legacy broadcast media, traditional cable/satellite systems, and the evolving streaming media environment. Students will explore audience strategies, content development and competitive stratagems.3 s.h.
Cross-Listed: TCOM 3784.

MCOM 3787    Individual Studies    1-3 s.h.

Individual study and practical application of communication principles to various telecommunication problems. Repeatable to a maximum of 6 semester hours.
Prereq.: Sophomore Standing.
Cross-Listed: TCOM 3787.

MCOM 3791    Electronic Media Promotion and Sales    3 s.h.

An examination of the principles and practices of promotional and sales strategies used by electronic media. Analysis of rating-based systems used to determine strategies, as well as, relations with agencies and station representatives.
Prereq.: Sophomore Standing.
Cross-Listed: TCOM 3791.

MCOM 3793    Broadcast Sports Performance    3 s.h.

Students receive instruction on play-by-play announcing and on the preparation and extemporaneous discussion of player and team statistics, as well as, other appropriate sports-related information. Skills for conducting media interviews.
Prereq.: TCOM 3780 or MCOM 3780.
Cross-Listed: TCOM 3793.

MCOM 3794    Cross-platform Sports Broadcasting    3 s.h.

Examination of and instruction in new media technologies to deliver sports media content. Emphasis on how the interactive nature of online content changes traditional notions of presentation and distribution.
Prereq.: MCOM 1570 OR TCOM 1570, JOUR 2602.
Cross-Listed: TCOM 3794.

MCOM 3795    Sports Field Production 2    3 s.h.

Study of advanced theory and application used in remote radio and television sports production. Students produce and provide direct coverage of sporting events. May be repeated once.
Prereq.: TCOM 1570 or MCOM 1570.
Cross-Listed: TCOM 3795.

MCOM 4850    Applied Production    3 s.h.

Study of advanced techniques and procedures in audio/video through individual and group production of student-directed projects. Students will plan and manage a multi-faceted semester-long broadcast, video or audio production from inception to execution.
Prereq.: MCOM 2624, MCOM 2625, MCOM 2685.
Cross-Listed: TCOM 4850.

MCOM 4882    Remote Media Production    3 s.h.

A project-based study of practices and procedures basic to remote media production facilities. Students will explore audience strategies, content development and competitive stratagems as well as detailed study of various remote TV production crew positions. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 semester hours if the remote production projects are different.
Prereq.: TCOM 3795 or MCOM 3795.
Cross-Listed: TCOM 4882.

MCOM 4884    Video Production Direction    3 s.h.

A study and application of the communication roles and skills associated with video directing. Emphasis on audience analysis. The equivalent of three hours lecture and two hours lab per week.
Prereq.: TCOM 3782 or MCOM 3782.
Cross-Listed: TCOM 4884.

MCOM 4888    Internship    3 s.h.

Application of media communication skills through supervised work experience. Students complete a minimum of 60 work hours for each hour registered. Internship placement is selective. Coursework may require travel. May be repeated for up to 6 hours.
Prereq.: Junior standing, 2.0 GPA, and special approval required, OR special approval required.

MCOM 4890    Writing and Producing Television News    3 s.h.

Organization, preparation, and presentation of television news programs. Includes study of journalistic requirements of broadcast media and broadcast newsroom operation and writing style. Students will engage in story development, shooting/editing, script management, and on-camera performance.
Prereq.: sophomore standing.
Cross-Listed: TCOM 4890, JOUR 4890.

MCOM 4897    Seminar in Telecommunication    3 s.h.

Designed to investigate contemporary aspects of telecommunications. May be repeated for credit if topic is different.
Prereq.: Junior Standing.
Cross-Listed: TCOM 4897.

MCOM 4899    Senior Project    3 s.h.

Students demonstrate mastery knowledge in a variety of degree assessment areas. Synthesis of research, writing, and presentation skills through completion of portfolio and professional development project.
Prereq.: MCOM 2624, MCOM 2625, MCOM 2683, senior standing.
Gen Ed: Capstone.