MUED 2611    Computer Applications in Music Education    2 s.h.

An overview of computer applications as they relate to the music educator. Specific hardware and software in music education will be discussed. Project topics: administrative software, music notation, MIDI, arranging and improvisation with computers, and designing multimedia. Meets two hours per week.
Prereq.: MUTC 1532 or MUTC 1532N.

MUED 2622    Foundations of Music Education    2 s.h.

Introduction to the principles and current practices of teaching music in K-12 settings. Strategies and approaches to teaching music of various genres with emphasis on the unique challenges of public school music instruction in the 21st Century. Includes 15 hours of exploratory fieldwork. Topics include assessment, curricular design, student engagement, classroom management, and multiculturalism.

MUED 3722    Music in Early Childhood    3 s.h.

Fundamental skills, repertoire, materials, and techniques for teaching music to pre-kindergarten through third grade children. For non-music majors.
Prereq.: CHFM 2633.

MUED 4821    Instrumental Music Education    2 s.h.

Materials, methods and literature for teaching elementary, middle school, and high school instrumental music programs. Emphasis on curriculum design, pedagogy, orchestration/arranging techniques, and learning theories related to jazz, concert, marching band, and orchestra. Requires 5 hours of field experience.
Prereq.: MUED 2622 and upper-division status in the College of Education.

MUED 4822    Teaching Choral Music    2 s.h.

Materials, methods and literature for school vocal ensembles. Additional emphasis is on vocal pedagogy, curriculum design, score study, adolescent voice, vocal literacy, arranging techniques, vocal improvisation, programming, designing and implementing choreography in vocal ensembles, and current issues in vocal music education. Requires 5 hours of field experience.
Prereq.: MUED 2622 and upper division status in the college of education.

MUED 4823    Music Teaching in Early Childhood (Pre K-3)    2 s.h.

Course emphasizes strategies, curriculum development, materials, classroom management, and developmentally appropriate practices for teaching diverse populations of pre K through third grade students. Candidates design and implement lessons aligned to state standards, based on established methods (Orff, Kodály, Dalcroze) in simulated and authentic settings. Requires 10 hours of field experience.
Prereq.: Upper division status in the college of education.

MUED 4824    Music Teaching in the Middle School    2 s.h.

Music materials and methods of instruction in middle schools with emphasis on understanding the physiological and psychological development of early adolescents in the context of general music classes. Course content includes managing the learning environment, motivating students, developing music curricula, planning musical experiences and assessing musical behaviors. Requires 12 hours of field experience.
Prereq.: MUED 4821 or MUED 4822 or concurrent enrollment, and upper division status in the college of education.

MUED 4825    Music Teaching in the High School    2 s.h.

Methods of organizing, administering, teaching, and conducting music in the high schools; instruction methods, curriculum, technology, scheduling, philosophy, classroom management, and applying learning theories and research to practice. Special focus on designing and implementing standards-based music objectives in both instrumental and vocal rehearsal settings. Requires 10 hours of field experience.
Prereq.: Upper-division status in the College of Education and either MUED 4821 or MUED 4822, plus concurrent enrollment in or completion of MUCO 3715.

MUED 4844    Supervised Student Teaching, Music (K-12)    10 s.h.

Sixteen weeks supervised student teaching experience in K-12 music settings.
Prereq.: Passage of OAE Music Content Exam and APK, BCI/FBI background check, CCCAC Upper Division Status, completion of all other requirements in the program including graduation recital.
Coreq.: MUED 4842A.

MUED 5814    Selected Topics in Music Education    2 s.h.

Course title will be listed each semester in the Schedule of Classes. May be repeated for credit with different topics.
Prereq.: MUED 4823 or MUED 4825.

MUED 5841    Music Workshop    1-3 s.h.

For students and teachers in service; topics may vary from year to year. Specific topics are announced each time the workshop is offered. May be repeated with different topic.

MUED 5858    Piano Pedagogy    3 s.h.

Methods and materials involved in teaching piano in private and classroom settings. Fundamentals of technique as well as repertoire. Supervised practice teaching.
Prereq.: Two years of applied keyboard.

MUED 5880    Vocal Pedagogy    1 s.h.

A comparative study of physiological and psychological approaches to voice instruction and their application to private and class instruction.
Prereq.: Two years of applied voice classes.

MUED 6950    Conducting Pedagogy    2 s.h.

The study and critical analysis of methods for teaching conducting.
Prereq.: One semester of applied conducting study.

MUED 6960    Research in Music    3 s.h.

A study of research tools and methodologies as applied to music scholarship and bibliography. This course is intended to lay the foundation for the thesis or exit paper, and a final research project or project proposal is required. May include the study of historical, philosophical, qualitative, quantitative, and/or analytic research methods, as deemed appropriate for students' areas of research. Crosslisted with MUHL 6960.

MUED 6970    Foundations of Music Education    3 s.h.

An examination of basic principles and techniques of music instruction; contemporary trends viewed from historical perspectives.

MUED 6972    Seminar in Music Education    3 s.h.

Individual projects and discussion of fundamental issues in music education. Course may be repeated once with permission of instructor.

MUED 6973    Research Methods and Materials in Music Education    3 s.h.

A study of research tools and techniques and their application to problems in music education; critique of research studies. Research report required in nonthesis music education program.

MUED 6976    Directed Study in Conducting    3 s.h.

Study of significant works, vocal or instrumental; special problems in conducting. May be repeated for credit.

MUED 6977    Philosophies of Music    3 s.h.

Development of advanced music scholarship skills through readings, analysis, and critique of some of the major ideas about music's value and place in society that have been advanced by scholars ranging from the ancient Greeks to contemporary music critics, performers, philosophers, educators, and psychologists. Course takes an interdisciplinary approach to developing the skills to articulate music advocacy arguments. One of three core required courses for all masters students.

MUED 6978    Contemporary Trends in Music Education    3 s.h.

Examination and discussion of music education in contemporary society. Consideration of repertoire, methods, and teaching aids with regard to current needs and emerging trends.

MUED 6979    Workshop in Music Education    1-3 s.h.

For students and teachers in service. Specific topics are announced each time the workshop is offered. Grading is satisfactory or unsatisfactory (S/U). May be repeated with different topic.

MUED 6992    Independent Projects in Music    1-4 s.h.

Individual research topics in music of a library, laboratory, or fieldwork nature.
Prereq.: Approval of Dana Graduate Committee.