Music Industry (MUIN)

MUIN 1561    Music Recording Workshop    4 s.h.

Introduction to the music recording process and the recording studio. An overview of music recording grounded in history and the principles of acoustics. An exploration of analog and digital technology involved in music recording. Two hours lecture, two hours lab.

MUIN 2662    Live Sound Production    2 s.h.

This course prepares students for how to configure, operate, and optimize live sound systems in order to amplify an ensemble of musicians in a variety of indoor and outdoor event productions.
Prereq.: MUIN 1561 or permission of instructor.

MUIN 3700    Survey of Music Industry    2 s.h.

A general overview of the major functional areas of the music industry, with attention to the theoretical foundations and practical application of current business practices in the music industry.
Prereq.: Junior standing or permission of instructor.

MUIN 3762    Digital Sound Production    2 s.h.

An overview of MIDI and electronic musical instrument technology. Sequencers and mixing in the MIDI environment. Basic compositional techniques using MIDI and the computer and the application of MIDI in the music recording environment.
Prereq.: MUIN 1561.

MUIN 3763    Digital Recording and Editing    2 s.h.

A study of both linear and non-linear music recording and editing various hardware and software options, as well as the production of recording projects in both domains.
Prereq.: MUIN 1561.

MUIN 3764    Advanced Microphone Techniques    2 s.h.

Investigation of the characteristics of different microphones, microphone design, microphone selection, and microphone placement. The accessories of various miking situations will be investigated. Experiments with different microphone techniques in both the analogue and digital domains.
Prereq.: MUIN 3763.

MUIN 3765    Advanced Recording Techniques    2 s.h.

Investigates advanced elements of music recording from the recording session procedures to product manufacture. Advanced techniques in noise reduction, amplification, sound compression, and synchronization.
Prereq.: MUIN 3764.

MUIN 4866    Recording Internship    3 s.h.

Practicum in appropriate music recording environments. Addresses all aspects of the music recording industry. Students meet once a week on campus to share and discuss experiences from the intern position. A minimum of 12 hours per week will be spent in the field.
Prereq.: MUIN 3765 and senior standing in music recording.

MUIN 4867    Senior Project    4 s.h.

Independent student project to showcase skills and techniques learned in the content courses. Presentation of project in a public exhibition required.
Prereq.: MUIN 3765 and senior standing in music recording.

MUIN 5878    Special Topics in Music Industry    3 s.h.

Topics in music industry and recording arts not covered in regular upper-division offerings. Topics may include Event Planning, Copyright Law and Music Publishing, Grant Writing and Fund Raising. May be repeated once with different topic.
Prereq.: MUIN 3763 with a grade of "C" or better or permission of the instructor.