Sociology (SOC)

SOC 1500    Introduction to Sociology    3 s.h.

An introduction to the science of human societies and groups: analysis of the structures, functions, and processes that bring about changes in societies, groups, communities, classes, and institutions.
Gen Ed: Social Science.

SOC 1500H    Honors Introduction to Sociology    3 s.h.

An introduction to the science of human societies and groups: analysis of the structures, functions, and processes that bring about changes in societies, groups, communities, classes, and institutions.
Gen Ed: Social Science.

SOC 2601    Social Problems    3 s.h.

A sociological overview of various contemporary social issues, analyzing significant discrepancies between standards of expectation and actual social behavior, attempting to ascertain possible causes, and discussing trends and possible changes.
Gen Ed: Social Science.

SOC 2630    Criminology    3 s.h.

Study of the social context of crime in America. Review of historical theories offered in explanation of criminal behavior.

SOC 2640    Gender in Society    3 s.h.

Sociological analysis of gender role issues by major institutions of society, including political, educational, economic and legal systems as well as media and the family. Focus is on effects of stratification, culture, gender norms, and the socialization process.
Cross-Listed: WMST 2640.
Gen Ed: Domestic Diversity, Social Science, Social and Personal Awareness.

SOC 2650    Human Trafficking    3 s.h.

An introduction to human trafficking by exploring the social constructs that define the sex and labor trade and understanding how social institutions support them. Topics include identifying traffickers, buyers and victims/survivors; legislation; state and local responses; coalitions and law enforcement; and society’s efforts to prevent trafficking in persons.
Gen Ed: Social Science.

SOC 2690    Identities and Differences    3 s.h.

A study of personal and social issues that shape the understanding and development of identity and diversity.
Gen Ed: Domestic Diversity, Social and Personal Awareness.

SOC 3700    Minority Groups    3 s.h.

Survey of the origins and characteristics of ethnic and racial minority groups, with emphasis on the significance of membership in such a group for in-group, out-group, and community solidarity.
Prereq.: SOC 1500.
Cross-Listed: AMER 3700.

SOC 3701    Social Statistics    4 s.h.

Measurement and interpretation of social data by use of descriptive techniques. Examines methods of probability theory as a basis for statistical inference, hypothesis testing, correlation, chi-square, and variance analysis.
Cross-Listed: ANTH 3701, CRIM 3710.

SOC 3703    Aging and Society    3 s.h.

An interdisciplinary introduction to studies in aging. Examines the impact of population aging and its effect on the society at large. Also examines individual aging processes and social significance of aging. Listed also as GERO 3703.
Prereq.: SOC 1500 or GERO 1501.
Gen Ed: Social Science, Well Being, Social and Personal Awareness.

SOC 3703H    Honors Aging and Society    3 s.h.

An interdisciplinary introduction to studies in aging. Examines the impact of population aging and its effect on the society at large. Also examines individual aging processes and social significance of aging. Listed also as GERO 3703.
Prereq.: SOC 1500 or GERO 1501.
Gen Ed: Social Science, Well Being, Social and Personal Awareness.

SOC 3705    The Family    3 s.h.

Family and kinship systems as major institutions; their development, functions, and relation to other basic institutions found in different cultures and social strata.
Prereq.: SOC 1500 or ANTH 1500.

SOC 3707    Urban Sociology    3 s.h.

A comparative study of cities of pre-industrial and industrial societies, historical and contemporary. The process of urbanization and changing urban structure and functions.
Prereq.: SOC 1500.

SOC 3708    Political Sociology    3 s.h.

The social conditions that affect government and politics and that may help to determine political order and regulate struggles for power; associations and movements leading to stability or change.
Prereq.: SOC 1500.

SOC 3720    Applied Sociology    3 s.h.

Uses of sociology in practical affairs, providing theory and data for public policy, institutional reform, social action programs, and social inventions. Contributions to architectural design, industrial engineering, community planning, and innovative legislation.
Prereq.: SOC 1500.
Cross-Listed: AMER 3720.

SOC 3731    Social Deviance    3 s.h.

Focuses on problems of drug abuse, sexual deviation, crime, and other forms of deviance. Theoretical approaches to deviant behavior; etiologies and methods of social control are explored.
Prereq.: SOC 1500 or CRJS 1500.

SOC 3733    White Collar Crime    3 s.h.

Focuses on distinguishing between various types of white collar crime, such as corporate fraud, corruption of public officials, and environmental crime. Also examines theoretical explanations for white collar crime and situates it within larger social contexts of power and status.
Prereq.: SOC 1500 or CRJS 1500.

SOC 3735    Juvenile Delinquency    3 s.h.

Social and psychological factors underlying delinquency; the juvenile court and probation; treatment and preventive measures.
Prereq.: SOC 1500 or CRJS 1500.

SOC 3736    Crime and the Life Course    3 s.h.

Examines the development, stability, and change of criminal behavior throughout different stages of the life course. Themes such as criminal trajectories, transitions, and turning points are discussed.
Prereq.: SOC 1500 or CJFS 1500.

SOC 3740    Complex Organizations    3 s.h.

Structures and processes of large-scale organizations: leadership, control techniques, tensions, bureaucratic pathologies, organizational change.
Prereq.: SOC 1500.

SOC 3741    Social Movements    3 s.h.

Analysis of the role of social movements, intellectual criticism, and socioeconomic trends; study of the dynamics of change initiated outside of regular and institutionalized channels, including mobs and crowds.
Prereq.: SOC 1500.

SOC 3743    Social Stratification and Inequality    3 s.h.

Comparative analysis of social stratification systems with major emphasis on modern Western societies.
Prereq.: SOC 1500.

SOC 3745    Sociology of Health, Illness, and Healthcare    3 s.h.

Social attitudes toward illness. Cultural and social factors in disease definition of illness, and organization of the health professions and health facilities. Listed also as GERO 3745.
Prereq.: SOC 1500, GERO 1501, or admission to NEOMED-YSU program.
Gen Ed: Well Being, Social and Personal Awareness.

SOC 3746    Sociology of the Body    3 s.h.

This course examines the body and its relationship to the self as a product of complex social arrangements and processes. The body is studied as an object of social control and as the focus of shifting race, gender, and sexual categories. Topics include health, medicine, consumerism, sports, and popular culture.
Prereq.: SOC 1500.

SOC 3747    Sociology of Sexuality    3 s.h.

Examines sexuality and how it is perceived, defined, and experienced in the context of society. Sexuality is studied as subject to social norms, attitudes, and beliefs through public and private policies, practices, and institutions. Explores how the social construction of sexuality influences both sexual and non-sexual relationships.
Prereq.: 3 semester hours in Sociology.
Cross-Listed: WMST 3747.

SOC 3749    Sociological Theory    3 s.h.

The major theoretical traditions in Sociology emerging from the enlightenment period and evolving to the present.
Prereq.: SOC 1500 or ANTH 2602.

SOC 3755    Theories of Gerontology    3 s.h.

Review and critical analysis of current theories of the social aspects of aging, and their use in research. Listed also as GERO 3755.
Prereq.: SOC 1500 or GERO 1501.

SOC 3757    Aging and Social Policy    3 s.h.

Critical examination of social policies and social systems which affect aging and retirement. Listed also as GERO 3757 and POL 3757.
Prereq.: SOC 1500, GERO 1501, or POL 1560.

SOC 3758    Long-Term Care    3 s.h.

Examines critical issues in long-term care systems, services, and programs. Impacts of social demographic and economic changes on long-term care needs, demands, and supplies. Contemporary trends and future outlooks of long-term care. Listed also as GERO 3758.
Prereq.: SOC 1500 or GERO 1501.

SOC 3759    Sociology of Dementia    3 s.h.

The understanding of the nature, causes, symptoms, and social consequences of dementia. Attention to the status of aging, and to the status of those who suffer from dementia in contemporary society.
Prereq.: SOC 1500.

SOC 3760    Sociology of Death and Dying    3 s.h.

Analysis of the social aspects of human death, dying, and bereavement using various sociological approaches. Explores data from secondary sources, surveys, and field investigations that relate to the institutional contexts of dying and grieving processes. Includes practical application of sociological analysis of dying and death.
Prereq.: SOC 1500.

SOC 3761    Elder Crimes - Elder Justice    3 s.h.

Issues in gerontology and aging that affect law enforcement and the criminal justice system.
Prereq.: GERO 1501 or SOC 1500 or CJFS 1500.
Cross-Listed: GERO 3761.

SOC 3790    Aging in Cross-Cultural Perspectives    3 s.h.

Examines the phenomenon of aging from cross-cultural perspectives with an emphasis on cultural evolution and its impact upon the status, roles, and cultural values associated with aging and the aged. Listed also as ANTH 3790 and GERO 3790.
Prereq.: SOC 1500 or ANTH 1500 or GERO 1501.

SOC 3798    Select Topics in Sociology    3 s.h.

In-depth examination of various sociological topics and issues of both current and long-standing interest. May be taken twice with different topics.
Prereq.: 3 s.h. in Sociology.

SOC 4800    Undergraduate Research    1-2 s.h.

Research participation under the direction of a faculty member. Designed to acquaint the advanced student with special research problems associated with various aspects of the discipline. May be repeated for a maximum of 4 s.h.
Prereq.: Permission of chairperson and 20 s.h. in Sociology.

SOC 4801    Later Life Issues    3 s.h.

An examination of contemporary issues and concerns among the elderly. Topics include family relations, finances, entitlements, Social Security, quality of life, and euthanasia.
Prereq.: SOC 3703.

SOC 4810    International Study in Sociology    3 s.h.

Sociological study of a selected international area. Travel to the area of study under the supervision of a Sociology faculty member. The course grade is based on participation in the trip and a term paper or comparable assignments. May be repeated once. Permission of the chairperson.

SOC 4821    Internship in Sociology    3-9 s.h.

Application of sociological knowledge in settings such as social agencies, government offices, hospitals, nursing homes, correctional facilities, and industry. Maximum of 6 s.h. may be applied to the Sociology major.
Prereq.: Junior standing and at least 9 s.h. of Sociology, and permission of chairperson.

SOC 4850    Research Methods    3 s.h.

An introduction to methods employed in social research. Attention is given to (1) the logic of scientific inquiry and the relationship between theory and methods; (2) the various qualitative and quantitative methods; (3) research design, data collection, organization, analysis, interpretation and application; (4) the social, cultural, political, and ethical context of social research; and (5) computer skills employed in data analysis. Listed also as ANTH 4850 or GERO 4850.Prereq.: SOC 3701, ANTH 3701.

SOC 4860    Senior Thesis    3 s.h.

A capstone experience for the major in sociology. Implementing and completing a quantitative or qualitative research project and/or paper on a topic approved by thesis advisor.
Prereq.: Senior status in Sociology; SOC 4850.

SOC 6900    Special Sociological Problems    3 s.h.

Advanced seminars focusing on independent study at the graduate level; social organization in a changing world; social disorganization (or deviance) and social controls; social and cultural factors in personality development; minority relationships; sociology of law; social change; and comparative institutions.

SOC 6905    Social Gerontology    3 s.h.

Integration and application of gerontological theories; major conceptual issues regarding life span development; and contemporary gerontological concepts and research.