Reciprocal Responsibilities for Undergraduate Students and Instructors

Endorsed by YSU Academic Senate April 5, 2023

This document was democratically developed with representatives of the Student Government Association, Senate Academic Standards Committee, and Senate Teaching and Learning Committee. The intent is to, through a student-faculty partnership, create a set of foundational/floor/baseline classroom management behaviors that align with the OEA contract.* It is expected that best practices in teaching be addressed through the TEACH principles. Classroom practices for instructors and students pertains to all undergraduate students and instructors. Instructors include full-time instructors, part-time instructors, graduate teaching assistants, and virtual assistants.  

*Students and faculty commit to uphold this agreement to maintain a constructive teaching and learning environment. Students and faculty who feel these principles are not being upheld should consult their rights within the classroom environment.

Contact for Questions/Concerns

Office: Office of Academic Affairs
Location: Tod Hall, Room 222