Bachelor of Science in Applied Science in Long-Term Care Administration Completion

Program Director

Dr. Daniel Van Dussen
(330) 941-1683


The Bachelor of Science in Applied Science degree in Long-Term Care Administration prepares students to become specialized, self-critical, accountable administrators in long-term care facilities. Facilities may include home and community-based care, assisted living, nursing homes, hospices, and related health care industries.

There are two options for completion of this degree.  The traditional option is a four-year BSAS degree. 

The second option is a 64 s.h. degree completion program.  Students must enroll at Youngstown State University and transfer the required courses within the major and general education requirements.  The remainder of the courses are offered online and will satisfy the final two years of the BSAS degree (64 s.h.).

Students must complete all required coursework for the university and major and have:

  • an overall GPA of 2.25
  • a "C" or better in all courses in the major
  • 1000 hours in an approved internship
  • 48 hours of upper-division courses
  • 129 hours of coursework overall

A minor is not necessary for this major and the requirements for the 21-semester hour Certificate in Applied Gerontology are fulfilled within the major.

Psychology Cuorsework (3 s.h.)
PSYC 3757Adult Development3
Support Coursework Sociology (4 s.h.)
SOC 3701Social Statistics4
Gerontology Coursework (39 s.h.)
GERO 3703Aging and Society3
GERO 3757Aging and Social Policy3
GERO 3745Sociology of Health, Illness, and Healthcare3
SOC 3760Sociology of Death and Dying3
SOC 3759Sociology of Dementia3
GERO 3761Elder Crimes - Elder Justice3
SOC 4801Later Life Issues3
GERO 4821Internship in Gerontology12
GERO 4850Research Methods3
GERO 4851Capstone in Gerontology3
Business & Technology Coursework (34 s.h.)
Students must have overall 2.5 GPA to register for upper division coursework in Williamson College of Business
ACCT 2602Financial Accounting3
ACCT 2603Managerial Accounting3
FIN 3720Business Finance3
Communications Coursework (6 s.h.)
CMST 3756Interviewing3
Medical Professions, Nursing & Allied Health Coursework (12 s.h.)
FNUT 3720Nutrition, Health, and Aging3
AHLT 4808Environmental Health Concerns3
Minimum of 129 s.h. for degree, the final 64 s.h. for the online degree completion track
Total Semester Hours64
Plan of Study Grid
Year 3
ACCT 2602 Financial Accounting 3
SOC 3760 Sociology of Death and Dying 3
PSYC 3757 Adult Development 3
GERO 3703 Aging and Society 3
GERO 3757 Aging and Social Policy 3
 Semester Hours15
CMST 3756 Interviewing 3
AHLT 4808 Environmental Health Concerns 3
SOC 3701 Social Statistics 4
ACCT 2603 Managerial Accounting 3
GERO 3745 Sociology of Health, Illness, and Healthcare 3
 Semester Hours16
Year 4
GERO 4821 Internship in Gerontology 6
GERO 4850 Research Methods 3
SOC 3759 Sociology of Dementia 3
FIN 3720 Business Finance 3
FNUT 3720 Nutrition, Health, and Aging 3
 Semester Hours18
GERO 4821 Internship in Gerontology 6
GERO 4851 Capstone in Gerontology 3
SOC 4801 Later Life Issues 3
GERO 3761 Elder Crimes - Elder Justice 3
 Semester Hours15
 Total Semester Hours64