Certificate in Health Information Systems

Undergraduate students in Computer Science Information Systems who have an interest in working in healthcare will be afforded the opportunity to acquire a certificate that will teach them computer and data system applications in the healthcare setting. Allied Health and other health-related majors who are already familiar with the healthcare setting will be provided with an opportunity to receive a greater depth and breadth of education in computer and information systems. This will better prepare the student to work with health information systems in the healthcare setting.

Required Core (Must take all of the following courses)
AHLT 37073
AHLT 3711Health Care Information Systems3
AHLT 37453
CSIS 1590Survey of Computer Science and Information Systems3
INFO 2663Information Technology Management3
Select one of the following courses3
Health Care Policy
Comparative Health Systems
Select one of the following courses3-4
Survey of Modern Operating Systems
Fundamentals of Programming and Problem- Solving 2
Programming and Problem-Solving
Total Semester Hours21-22