Certificate in Polysomnography

Program Director

Dr. Kelly L. Colwell 
(330) 941-2631

The polysomnography certificate program will allow individuals interested in the specialty diagnostic area of sleep the ability to train and challenge the specialty examination and receive the certification of RPSGT and/ or SDS. This will allow gainful employment within this specialty diagnostic area of healthcare

Plan of Study Grid
Year 1
RESC 4846 Sleep Diagnostics 1 3
RESC 4801A Special Topics in Respiratory Care Clinical Sleep 1 3
 Semester Hours6
RESC 4848 Sleep Diagnostics 2 3
RESC 4801B Special Topics in Respiratory Care Sleep Clinical 2 3
 Semester Hours6
 Total Semester Hours12

Plo-1. Allow multidisciplinary health care individuals to meet the criteria to set for the polysomnography certification exams

Plo-1. Allow individuals the ability to seek employment, with the industry required credentials, within Polysomnography diagnostic labs and other areas of sleep medicine

Plo-3. To address the shortage of certified polysomnography technicians and meet industry demands