Testing Faith Act

Youngstown State University instructors will provide students with reasonable alternative accommodations with regard to examinations and other academic requirements missed due to an absence described in the Religious Accommodations of Students policy 3356-8-09 if the student's sincerely held religious belief or practice severely affects the student’s ability to take an examination or meet an academic requirement.

To request an accommodation, no later than fourteen calendar days after the first day of instruction in a course, a student is required to provide the instructor with written notice of the specific dates for which the student requests alternative accommodations. If you have any questions about the policy, contact the Dean of Students, Dr. Nicole Kent-Strollo at nkentstrollo@ysu.edu, (330) 941-4721 or in person at Cushwa Hall Room 3325.

If you have a complaint about the implementation of this policy, you may submit an academic complaint electronically by visiting the Dean of Students’ website and selecting Student Complaint System, or you may contact Dana Lantz, Director of Equal Opportunity at dclantz@ysu.edu or (330) 941-4629. Complaints will be addressed pursuant to the Guidelines for Initiating and Investigating Complaints on the Youngstown State University Office of Equal Opportunity, Policy Development and Title IX webpage.  

Contact for Questions/Concerns

Office: Dean of Students
Location: Cushwa Hall Room 3325
Website: https://ysu.edu/dean-of-students