Educational Foundations (EDFN)

EDFN 1501    Introduction to Education    3 s.h.

Historical, political, legal, cultural and ethical perspectives on the work and roles of teachers and schooling. Issues confronting educators, voters, parents and children. Observe the organization and governance of school districts. Field hours required.

EDFN 3708    Education and Society    3 s.h.

School as a dynamic social institution. An analysis of how schools interact with diverse communities and with social, political, and cultural institutions and traditions. Field hours required.
Prereq.: Fifty semester hours.

EDFN 3710    Educational Assessment    3 s.h.

Critical review of types, purposes, procedures, uses, and limitations of assessment strategies and techniques including authentic assessment, value-added assessment, and alternate assessment. Standardized testing and implications for current practice.
Prereq.: Upper Division.