HRS 8921    Evidence Based Practice in Health Sciences    3 s.h.

This course will develop skills needed to formulate and answer clinical questions including: use of technology to obtain information; basic understanding of research design, statistics and evidence hierarchy to evaluate the new information; and application of the information for decision making needed to answer questions. Examine the application of current literature to clinical decision-making. Emphasis on written research communication methods: scientific writing, documentation and literature reviews.

HRS 8940    Interdisciplinary Healthcare Delivery    3 s.h.

Global study of the delivery of healthcare. Emphasis is on the societal, economic, legal/ethical and cultural factors that influence healthcare: Foundational knowledge and skills necessary for legal and ethical practice of physical therapy and other health professions. Emphasis on legal principles and concepts; ethical theory and ethical decision making approaches; and professional code of ethics.

HRS 8942    Mental and Behavioral Aspects of Healthcare    3 s.h.

This course will examine various aspects of mental health and behaviors that may impact healthcare and wellness, both positively and negatively, using the ICF model. An in-depth examination of current theory and research associated with major psychological . disorders taken from the DSM-IV will be reviewed. Discussions and current criticism of genetic factors, ethics, the healthcare system, and treatment options will be further examined. The student will develop a comprehensive understanding regarding therapeutic approaches towards mental health issues that can maximize health related outcomes.

HRS 8960    Higher Education in Health Sciences    3 s.h.

This course introduces the organization and governance of the academic setting, university accreditation processes and orients to the 3 faculty roles (teaching, service and research) with emphasis on teaching to students pursuing careers in the Health Sciences. The course presents an overview of learning theories and curriculum development. Logistics for teaching on-campus, hybrid and online provided courses including use of a learning management system are provided.

HRS 8961    Classroom Management & Teaching Strategies in Health Sciences    3 s.h.

Classroom management strategies for engaged learning using technology which benefit the diversity of Health Sciences student learners in today’s classroom are introduced. Learning assessment options are discussed (assignments, classroom activities and testing) including the use of rubric for grading and item analysis for test review and development.

HRS 8962    Mentored Instruction    3 s.h.

HRS 8962 is taken on an individual basis with an assigned faculty member during which the student assists in all teaching aspects of the undergraduate or entry-level course selected by the student. Individualized mentoring in the teaching-learning process is the focus of the course. Student will assist in course planning, syllabi construction, student facilitation, and student assessment.

HRS 8970    Scientific Writing in Health Sciences    3 s.h.

HRS 8970 will address four major areas of written communication for the scientific process: institutional review board, grant writing, thesis/dissertation, and writing for manuscript submission. This course will engage the student in the activity of writing clear and concise documents that are readable to large diverse audiences while remaining technically proficient. The course will address common pitfalls to written communication and will culminate in a project that is peer reviewed.

HRS 8990    Graduate Research in Health Sciences    1-9 s.h.

HRS 8990 is a graduate research experience that will allow the student the opportunity to contribute to research that is directed by an individual faculty mentor and refine their thinking on research design and implementation. This course will facilitate the student’s formulation of a potential dissertation topic or provide opportunity to create foundational work for their dissertation.

HRS 8995    Dissertation in Health Science    1-9 s.h.

HRS 8995 is the culminating research experience of the Ph.D. program in Health Sciences. The student is expected to design, propose, conduct, analyze, report and defend a topic that is germane to their area of interest and expertise. This project should be meaningful and contribute to the body of literature in their profession.
Prereq.: Completion of Doctoral Comprehensive Examination.